While we're still on the plane en route to Incheon, South Korea, my husband asked me the conversion rate of a dollar to peso. He frequently asked the same question because he couldn't wrap around his head onto it yet. Of course, this was his first time to go international and the first time to see a world so different from his own home....more

I lived in Angeles City for almost six years and loved it. Every minute of it.

~Denise ...more

EU: between Russia and the USA

Today Europe is facing a hard time trying to find a balance between Russia and the USA. It is clear that Europe has lost its top priority place on American foreign policy agenda and Russia can not replace the USA's image of a big reliable boss.Russia, in its turn, has lost its illusions about the possibility of full integration in to the European structures and reoriented its interests eastward.Besides, both actors are divided by energy issue which prevents Europe from seeing Russia as totally friendly and positive neighbor with no hidden jokers in his pockets....more

Uranium exchange agreement and a project of new sanctions against Iran

In the middle of May in Teheran a new summit of G-15 took place, the organization including 19 developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. During the talks foreign affairs ministers and leaders of Iran, Brazil, and Turkey have achieved a very important agreement concerning Iranian nuclear program. A following exchange alternative has been discussed: Iran is to receive fuel for Teheran research reactor in return for a half of Iranian supplies of low-enriched uranium....more

FUTURE OF EUROPE: New security system or new “Berlin walls”?

What should the Europeans be afraid of today? Many still believe that the main threat is coming from Russia and try to install some powder kegs between itself and this potential enemy....more

Dear Mr. Harry Reid...

Dear Mr. Reid,The comments you made were despicable and dishonorable.  To refer to Mr. Obama as having a better chance of winning the election, because he could basically stop sounding "Negro" at will is simply unbelievable. ...more

Support Our Troops

As many of you may already know I served in the Navy as well as my husband and brother.  With Veterans day being tomorrow and the holidays coming up I wanted to share a few ways you can support our troops.  There are Sailors, Soldiers, Airman and Marines serving all over the world away from their loved ones.  They give up many of their freedoms so the rest of us can enjoy the comforts of home. History Of Veteran’s Day Veteran’s Day Events...more

Would You Let Your Daughter Be a Green Beauty Queen?

I’ve never been a big fan of pageants. The social and genderimplications are a bit disturbing to me. Add in the environmental and healthimpacts of conventional cosmetics and the textile and fashion industry and thewhole event becomes antithetical to almost every value I hold dear. Needless tosay, I haven’t been following the drama surrounding this year’s Miss USApageant. Until today. And, I must admit, I learned some unexpected things. ...more

☆Happy Mother's Day – May 10, 2009☆

Since today - May 10, 2009 - is the day of Mother's Day in the US/Canada. It is also celebrated in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and India each year on the second Sunday of May. I want to wish all of you moms out there a really peaceful Mother's Day. Mother's Day here in Sweden is celebrated on the last Sunday of May, which this year will take place on May 31. -Jeanette Spellbound Sky ...more

Black Americans: "Multiple negation" before & after the 2008 U.S. election

This is my first post @ BlogHer in about two years. I'm still writing at Marian's Blog and sometimes elsewhere. I'm also struggling through working on my first book. Today I'm writing about experiencing negation and censorship, as if the past 300 years (predating existence of the USA) weren't already enough for any tri-racial Black American woman (or man). ...more

In Defense of George W. Bush - from a member of "the angry left"

Well not as much a defense as a little bit of human compassion for a man who is being hurled overboard like Jonah. And it seems that the people most anxious to hurl him into the sea are the members of his own party. Now that the great ship of the US economy is caught in a tsunami, the crew has decided that instead of drowning they are going toss the pariah. It's amazing what happens when a ship is going down. ...more

All of the "P's"-pundits, politicians, and political advisors are too busy seeing ...more