Time does many things. We know it flies and it marches on. I think the only thing times doesn’t do is stand still.  Time is relentless. It doesn’t care who you are, how much money you make or what you want. It passes just the same for all of us.It is interesting to me that even though time never changes, our perception of it does. Depending on our mood or an event, it appears that it will either slow to a snails pace or hasten to our deadline. Who hasn’t counted the hours till a long awaited vacation? Or bemoaned the fact that we don’t have enough time to finish our project?...more

Do You Notice When the Spirit Moves You? (And What Do You Do In Response?)

Do you notice when the spirit moves you? I found myself pondering this question about a week ago amidst a pile of work I was trying to get done at almost midnight. Everyone else in my family had already gone to bed, even the cat, who is supposed to be nocturnal by nature. I realized that I notice spirit moving me all the time, giving me information, inspiring me to act. What do I do in response? All too often, I do nothing at all. ...more