Is Your Mode of Communication Causing You to Miss Opportunities?

You've created a wonderful website, your blog rocks, and you are yearning for opportunities to further your work. You wait and wonder why no one contacts you. Perhaps it's because you've made it too darn difficult for those interested in your work to reach you, so they move on. "Say What? (you think...) We are in the most connected time in history between social media, the web, and the extra appendage known as the smartphone!" I agree with you, but hear me out. Just because you're "connected" doesn't mean anyone can actually communicate with you. ...more
(And feel free to let me know how long it takes to find the contact info at ...more

wow - love the new look!

Hey, just a short note to say "WOW" - i haven't been on the site in a few days (maybe a week) and I'm totally impressed. rock on! it looks great! ...more