UT Track Coach Bev Kearney Forced to Resign. Did She Do Wrong?

Whispers and rumors began to surround University of Texas’s women’s head track and field coach, Beverly Kearney in November when she was placed on administrative leave.  Many questioned what the most successful coach in the UT women's athletic department could have possibly done.  Since taking over the Texas program in 1993, Kearney has led the Longhorns to six NCAA National Championships and 20 league titles and was up for a significant pay raise.  She was inducted into the U.S....more

People Who Are Hurting

In case you missed it, there was a gunman at UT on Tuesday morning. I got up late on Tuesday, and by the time I logged into Facebook I had messages inquiring as to my safety because of the shooter....more

Alumni game

Opening Day!!! (well, almost) So - it wasn't opening day but it was the first day back at the ballpark... and other than some lame changes to the field and stadium... it was what it always was for me... perfect. ...more