Cancer - Be Intuitive

As women of 2014, we have grown to have a keen sense of intuition. This intuition has not only driven us throughout our lives, but has allowed us to act upon and make decisions regarding situations we are not fully comprehensive of, per say, a sneaky cheating ex you just knew was doing you dirty! ...more

Vain talk...

     Earlier this year, I had laser surgery to hopefully remove the cancerous cells that have invaded my body.      It still amazes me that so few women that I've spoken to about my cancer have ever heard of it, or knew that it was possible. ...more

Gynecologic Cancers: Knowing the warning signs can save lives.

September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. But why do we need to have more awareness of gynecologic cancers? Well, there are many reasons, here are three. 1. We need to be reminded of the early warning signs of these types of cancers. Not just for ourselves, but for all the women in our lives. You could someday be the one who tells a friend she needs to see a doctor for a particular symptom she is having. You could be the one who contributes to saving her life because she caught her cancer early. ...more