How I Forgot Myself And Ended Up With A Miserable UTI

Their worth is in their suffering — and in the praise that is a byproduct of it.I smell bleach. It’s coming from the laundry room, which is right next to my bedroom, where I am, on my bed, propped up on five down-alternative pillows, writing this.I’m in my bed propped up on five down-alternative pillows tonight, because yesterday I was urinating blood. There is bleach in the wash because little kids get their socks really filthy playing outside, and the medication I’m taking turned my urine pumpkin orange....more

Bladder Infections Are More Resistant

More and more people with bladder infections are finding that their antibiotic options to treat the bacteria causing symptoms in their urinary tract are becoming more limited. This trend started years ago and is becoming more worrisome now as more bacteria have developed resistance and instead of being eradicated are clinging to the bladder and multiplying. ...more
Sugars and alcohol feed the bacteria. AVOID them - drink unsweetened (yes, I know - UGH) ...more

Health Myths That Keep Us From Health: UTIs, Yeast Infections, STDs, TSS

Recently a friend told me her back was hurting and she couldn’t get comfortable.  Along with that, she said she just wasn’t feeling that well.  She told another friend who suggested that she see a chiropractor that happened to be very helpful to her when she hurt her back.   STOP!!  When asking her about her symptoms, I found that her back pain was in her flank area (mid or side back over the kidneys) and with a history of bladder infections, it sounded to me like it had evolved into a kidney infection.  I strongly recommended that she see her health care profe...more
Hi Elaine, Thank you for sharing your helpful health information. I am curious to know what you ...more


I know many of you were concerned about my UTI, which is why I'm revisiting the topic. Actually, it's revisiting me. I woke up this morning at 5:30a. It's baaaccckkk. And once again, I went searching for the clinics number, because of course I couldn't find my receipt from the last visit and I never thought to take a business card. Why should I? I wasn't going to be returning. I found the number online, which was no easy feat because I couldn't remember the actual name of the clinic. Why should I? I wasn't going to be returning. My urethra had other ideas. ...more

UTI: Unexpected, Tortuous, Inconvenient

I awoke Thursday morning to a UTI (urinary tract infection). I knew something was amiss because the only time I awake at six in the morning, is either for work or catching an early flight to Papau New Guinea. I've had those pesky UTI's before, so I know one when I feel one. ...more

First of all, I LOVE the title of this post. Anyone who has had a UTI knows how obnoxious and ...more

How to Keep UTIs From Zapping Your Mojo

Dr. Lissa at your service, talking today about perhaps one of the most dreaded afflictions in the Universe, the urinary tract infection (UTI). Have you ever had one? If so, you’re probably cringing right now, tempted to cross your legs and hold your pee-pee in with both hands like a little girl who really has to go. Anyone who has experienced it knows that UTIs totally zap your mojo, and since they affect about 8-10 million people per year, chances are we’ve all been there. Here is the skinny from this end of the stirrups on that sinister, mojo-burgling coochie invader....more

“Peeus Waiticus” aka Waiting to Pee

A common health condition called “Peeus Waiticus” is on our Giggle On!™ Soap Box today. When translated from pig-Latin, “Peeus Waiticus” means Waiting to Pee. WTP is a serious problem affecting both males and females. WTP has been known to cause kidney infections, urinary tract infections & stomach aches. WTP can also lead to embarrassment and wet bottoms. Why do so many of us wait until it feels like our bladder is going to explode before hitting the bathroom? ...more