From Bloom to Room #14

This week's bloom is the ever delicious peach.  Have a great Monday and enjoy!GoogleHere's the Chip It! by Sherwin Williams....more

From Bloom to Room #11

Happy Monday everyone!  Today's bloom is going to be the Gardenia.  They are still blooming here, and the smell is absolutely divine!Google...more

It's All About the Details: Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a great way to display art you love, family photos, or a combination of art & wall accessories.  I love that displaying these pieces on a gallery wall you can display symmetrically or asymmetrically: variation or no variation in size, frame, & art itself. ...more

From Bloom to Room #8

Now that is officially summer, I thought I'd include fresh produce into my bloom series.  I love being able to get fresh produce from a local's farmer's market when I'm able to find time to stop by, and what better place to find color inspiration than at your local's farmer's market: deep hues of purples in eggplants, varying colors in tomatoes, fresh berries, etc. And today I thought I'd start with the lemon: that gorgeous bright yellow is perfect for the summer!  ...more

From Bloom to Room #3

 I hope all of you had a great passover or Easter weekend, I know I did.  This weeks bloom is the Lilac.  Such a soft and soothingly vibrant palette.  Lilac is such a refreshing color and one palette that is always pleasant when Spring is here.  Enjoy these lilac inspired spaces.   ...more

From Bloom to Room #2

 Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers.   They are soft, dainty, and feminine.  Today I'm using blue hydrangeas as my inspiration. ...more
I love hydrangeas. more

Cozy Weekend

Well, here in South Carolina, it's supposed to be a dreary weekend, raining all day today and tomorrow.  This kind of weather makes me not want to do anything except lay on the sofa, drink a cup of hot tea and read a book.  I know I should go to the gym and do a little cardio, and maybe just maybe I'll get my lazy butt off the sofa and go to the gym.  However, so far this Saturday has been absolutely beautiful!  I'm going on a nice walk with my dog and then on a good long run.   Gotta love the accurate weatherman! ...more

It's all about the Details: Trim

Trim detail is so important in a space, like in the name it adds detail (simple to ornate), provides depth in a space, accents a space, and breaks a space up.  It's primarily seen as the crown and baseboards and window and door casings in rooms, but also seen on the walls creating panels, or a wainscot rail, or a picture rail.  The detail on trim can define the formality of a space as well.  The more ornate the design detail, the more formal....more

2012 Decorating Ideas: It's All about Blue & White

The word to describe blue and white color scheme--CLASSIC.  Blue and white made a huge reappearance about 4 years ago, and it's never really gone away.  Sure other color schemes have had increased popularity, but blue and white has since remained, coming back in a new, refreshing take year after year....more
I like the blue, white and gold country the most.  Also, the chair with the embroidery at the ...more

Conversations From The Veranda

A veranda is a roofed open gallery that is attached to the exterior of a house.    Cece loves the openness of a veranda with its air flow and movement…it is like life flows in and out from this one place in time....more