Seychelles - Let's Get Those Pants Off!

For more of my posts, please visit my main blog at Do this and I'll love you forever!Yay, I finally have internet access! Well, actually, I am writing this without internet access, but I am optimistic that I will be able to find an internet café tomorrow, (Saturday,) where I can send this. ...more

Sticking to My Half Marathon Training - Even While Vacationing in Mexico!?

My husband and I, accompanied by our 2 best couples are jetting off to sunny Los Cabos in less than 24 hours! This is the first holiday i've taken in the middle of a marathon training program! Eeeek. Check out my post, and help me out with any ideas/suggestions for staying on track! ...more

Foodie Break #3 or Using Food to Guide Your Vacations

So last month, I published a post entitled "Foodie Break #2 or How to Travel Without Really Travelling". I wrote a bit about how you could use a restaurant or food to help you escape a bit and travel back to, or get a taste for, the countries you most want to visit. Earlier this week I published a post about Agriturismi and mentioned that the next time I go to Italy, I plan on staying at a particular Agriturismo I recently found out about....more

Homecoming: Getting Off Without Getting Out

 What genius coined the word ‘staycation’? We think it sucks. Vacations are a time for relaxing, exploring, renewing! You should be shedding responsibility and giving life’s everyday worries a rest! But: staycation? Uh-uh. This term gives us an icky, static, stuck-in-the house feeling… it’s a command for a bitch (not you sugar, we mean your dog), not an invitation to depart from the everyday....more

Oh, I love love love Taboo! Balderdash is great too. As a writer, I bet you'd love ...more

Gingersnaps, Fall and my grain mill

Living in Florida we always have to wait a couple extra months for Fall!  A bummer for me since it is my FAVORITE season, but I don't let that stop me.  I've already started baking more, because Fall always invokes those feelings in me.    ...more

Battleship Steel: Or, What I Learned This Summer

by Olga Statz ...more

Whoever said getting there was half the fun had a transporter

Last week Mike and I finally got OFF our collective asses and decided to spend a little time ON ‘em: a week on the beach, just us and the girls renting a cottage on the rugged, majestic Oregon Coast. It was the perfect getaway: for weeks, I’d envisioned our sun-washed days of building sandcastles and chasing kites, afternoons of children napping while I worked on the novel and Michael made continuous, thwarted advances, and evenings of sunset walks on the sand followed by homemade meals and games and everyone falling exhausted into bed after a full and fantastical day ...more

In fact that is my whole deal being ahead of the future mark my words this will take ...more

Girlfriend Getaways - Fabulous Fall Foliage Tours

Summer may not be officially over but as temperatures around the country start to drop, that cool Autumn breeze is just around the corner. Now is the time to plan that fabulous fall Great Girl Trip getaway! With the crisp weather comes the beautiful fall foliage. Why not take a tour this fall and see not just the leaves but the other hidden gems beneath their branches. The only question is... east coast... or west coast? East Coast Fall Foliage Tour: ...more


Southeastern Tennessee offers a number of shopping options, most of them in the Chattanooga/Cleveland area. Chattanooga has four major shopping malls, as well as a burgeoning, revitalized downtown area. The largest mall, Hamilton Place, is just off I-75 on the north side of the city; Eastgate is a little further south off Brainard Road;Northgate is off Highway 153; and Warehouse Row, a converted commercial district now an outlet mall, is on Market Street just outside the downtown area. Chattanooga’s downtown district has ...more

Working Moms, "Hello and How are You?"

I wonder, is a vacation ever truly a vacation when you are a working mom? Or, a stay at home mom for that matter? ...more