indian Market

We’ve been to Indian Market once before, about 12 years ago.  For the last four years we have wanted to go back for the Market for my birthday.  And it finally happened!...more

Weekend Getaway

before boarding cocktails ...more


life is good....follow me on Twitter @jonesbabie...more

The Grand Canyon: Cheap & Calm in Peak Season

Grand Canyon National Park is a beautiful and exciting destination. The natural beauty and the unique landscape make it a trip to remember. Unfortunately, it’s one of the busiest National Parks in the US, with mid-day line ups at the South Gate lasting several hours. It can also be incredibly expensive, with deluxe rooms at the historic El Tovar lodge running into hundreds of dollars a night. Tusayan village, located right outside the main gates, has a bit of reputation for overpriced hotels and restaurants – a real tourist trap....more


Hello.  My name is Allie Burdick and I’m an addict.  I’m a running addict.  I need to move fast and sweat once a day.  Part of my recovery plan was (for the first time ever!) leaving my magic running shoes at home *gasp!* when I left on a five day vacation.  I was still glowing from my triathlon win and thought it would be nice to just take a break and sleep in everyday  of my vacation.  And, by “sleep in” I mean wake up at 6:30am instead of 5am since my boys aren’t much for sleeping in either....more

The 2 Hour Vacation

  By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf...more

10 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights

10 Tips for Booking Cheap FlightsBy Meochia Stills | My Times Travel

How To: Packing Light for Vacation

i'm a big fan of packing light on trips and avoid checking a bag when i can. i find when i overpack, i haven't planned efficiently and i haven't included the most versatile items. to avoid hauling multiple bags, pick pieces that you can mix and match and visualizing how you'll pair them ahead of time. for example, a staple like a neutral tank or tee is a no-brainer because you can pair it with any color pant, skirt, short, etc....more

Six Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation

Going on vacation can be a stressful thing, from the planning to the packing to making sure everyone pees before they get in the car. You shouldn’t have to worry about your home being safe while you’re supposed to be focused on family fun.Here are six tips to make your vacation a little less worrisome:...more

15 Essential Tips for Planning YOUR Next Trip!

“You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.”- Yogi Berra Half the fun of travel is the anticipation and planning, but it can also be frustrating and overwhelming. How can you take that vacation you dream of and not blow your budget!?...more