New Year’s Resolutions Every Traveler Should Make

The world always seemed much bigger when I started travel writing, and the editors would always tell me that the places I wanted to write about were too exotic. There was a time when people considered Australia and South Africa just too far away. Now there are plenty of non-stop flights to just about anywhere you want to go....more

My First Family Vacation As A Single Mom

I know I’ve entered the wilderness when my son says, “Dad laughs. You don’t.”...more

Five Places I'd Love to Visit

I’ve never been much of a traveler. Unfortunately, most of my experience with other lands comes from pop culture, and the farthest place I’ve been is Minnesota where my aunt and uncle live. Since my mom was a fearful flier, I only went to Disney World once as an engaged adult. Two of my college friends lived in Florida, and when they married, my fiancé and I flew down and arranged a short getaway. As a child, we always went somewhere, but it usually involved a one-week vacation to historical destinations via car and scattered trips to my uncle’s Jersey Shore house throughout the summer....more

Summer Vacation - The Time to Plan is Now

Jessica Barrett@jessbarretttnwww.mrsjonescoulduseabeer.comImage: Roanoke Island, on The Outer Banks Islands, North Carolina...more

5 Amazing Escapes It's not Late to Have this Summer in UK

While summer inevitably heads to the end, you still have some sunny warm days left to plan an amazing escape till the school days start. Here are 5 amazing getaways in the UK you should consider!1. Cambridge...more

Ready for a road trip (tips for having fun)

I love adventure and I love road trips. The thrill of the open road (well, depends on the time of day and construction season), wondering what adventures await, and new memories to be made.Lots of things can make for a fun road trip. Often times, it’s the people in the car but then again, solo car trips can be fun too. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when heading out to the road:(Read more)...more