Funen (Fyn)

Funen (Fyn) is engagingly pretty, with rural scenery, thatched farmhouses and a surprisingly varied set of attractions. The chirpy modern city of Odense is Hans Christian Andersen crazy – sculptures of trolls lounge on street corners, duckling-and-swan mobiles dangle from gift shop windows, and even the lights at pedestrian crossings feature a certain well-known fairy-tale writer. ...more

A Holiday To Hope

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

I've Been Thinking About Taking a Cruise

I was recently invited on a seven day cruise. It's a promotional thing, a press thing. Sounds great, of course, kind of amazing and yes, I'm excited and grateful for the opportunity. I'm sure I can get the week plus transit time off to go, and it's not just all expenses included, but it's got some added perks -- I'll get a mini-suite with a balcony, spa treatments, a shore excursion... the goodies that cost cruise passengers extra. ...more

I appreciate you seriously considered the trip as part of the whole don't knock it before you ...more

One Week + Two Houseboats + 17 people = AH - MAZING!

Click here for a look at my links to my photos, comprehensive packing list, personal packing list & menu plan. ...more

My husband wants to try this, but we had no idea where we could rent a houseboat in the middle ...more

Tenacious Diary: Whales Before Breakfast

by Lydia Chaverin McKenzie ...more

Central Jutland

Easily the largest and most varied of all Danish regions, Central Jutland encompasses dramatically different features, from the calm beaches of the sheltered east coast to the wild and woolly west coast, battered by North Sea winds. Lying in between, offering visual stimulation among the flatness, is the green and lovely Lake District, home to the country’s longest river and highest mountains (which may seem more like molehills to those of you from less height-challenged terrain). ...more

The People

These mountains are the ancestral home of the Cherokee Indians. They called them “Great Smoky” for theblue-gray mists that often shroud the peaks. Scatteredthroughout the remote hills, valleys and bottomlandsare families that still live in the self-sufficient, primitive fashion oftheir ancestors more than 100 years ago. Most people who once lived in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park have been moved out, but a few still hold life leases. ...more

Why American's Are the Worst Vacationers

Ahhhh, summer's here, and with it come trips to the beach, bar-be-ques, fireworks and vacations. Been on a vacation yet this summer? How was it? Did you come back feeling rested and refreshed? Good for you. Or, did you get swept up into a modern 'American-style' vacation: unable to forget about work, anxiety about email pile-up, tweeting every moment as it happened, and returning home wiped out, cranky and desperate to get back to the desk and routine? Taking time to unwind is hard enough, and knowing how to unwind properly is another matter. ...more

Getting Ready to Go

I've been keeping a running list -- it's right here in front of me. I cross things off -- housesitter, laundry -- even while I add things on -- stop the mail, more laundry, packing... Getting everything neatly tied up before heading out of town is time-consuming, but there's great peace of mind in knowing that things are all in order. Solo Dot Mom has a to do list on Preparing for Vacation on a Tight Budget including... ...more

Everyone loves vacations, whether it’s with our family, friends, or with our significant ...more

Its Summertime, be sure to wear high heels when you’re motorcycling in the mountains, LOLZ

High heels, golden pants, two belts, khaki shirt, Indiana Jones hat and classic motorcycle. Yep, a typical American woman heading off on summer vacay? Anywhoooooo, I’ll be driving a big SUV, with beach towels, boogie boards, and multiple kids! Like most American moms lucky enough to get some time away this summer. ...more