The Best Watermelon, Ever

On one standard hot day when I was living on a kibbutz in Israel I was assigned to work in the watermelon field. I was told that it was going to be horrible. But in the way that my optimism always outshines reality, I was excited to work at something new.   ...more

Vacationing at Home & Need Your Suggestions

Aside from attending BlogHer in Chicago this year (getting more and more excited!) I'll be spending my vacation this summer at home, playing with my kitties, blogging, seeing a movie or two with my husband, and hopefully harvesting a few tomatoes from my sad little front yard garden.  Basically, the same things I do every weekend.  Unless I can come up with some creative ideas.  Can you help? ...more

@Crankycakes -- great lineup.  Can you say more about official Adventure Day?  What does that ...more

Sailing on Desolation Sound

by Lydia Chaverin-McKenzie ...more

A Sweet eco-cruise for lesbians

Alas, I'm not a lesbian -- but after discovering Sweet, a travel company that merges lesbian travel with eco-social awareness, I had to check the FAQ to see if I could still go on one of their green-minded trips! ...more

I wrote an article on lesbian travel and Sweet was one of the companies I wrote about.  I was ...more

Saab story (adventures in being stranded in New Mexico)

On Sunday afternoon, Steve and I decided to take the scenic route home from Sante Fe, driving up US 285. We had the top down on the Saab 9-3, and the beautiful New Mexico sky opened like a book above us. It was going to be a beautiful drive home. The iPod was cranked with Coldplay. I had my sunflower seeds and Diet Coke, the quintessential traveling fare. The views were gorgeous. Steve punched it to get around a pokey car in the right lane as we made a slight climb. CLUNK. The engine began to chug. ...more

Have Books, Will Travel - Reading Road Trip Across America

One of the greatest things about reading is that it can take you virtually anywhere without ever having to leave your house (or library or park bench or wherever you happen to find yourself.) An equally great thing is to be inspired to go and see the places described in books - to use them as inspiration for seeking out these places beyond their pages.   ...more

Shut up. ;) I'm half an hour away when there's no traffic, (the DC-area dream. ;)) and we are ...more

Houses On Wheels: A Gated Community

by Barbara Olsen ...more

And that's what I love about the South.

So it's Memorial Day and I'm in Gatlinburg-- yes, on purpose. We come here every year for Family Fest and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. I love this town; there, I said it! Look, I know it's tacky and overcrowded and apparently an irony-free zone where everywhere you look there are people wearing tee-shirts with teddy bears holding hearts on them, and substantial women who have crammed their child-bearing hips into terry cloth streeeeeeetch shorts that say 'Juicy' across the the rear, and heavily tattooed men (possibly done by themselves in prison) who feel compelled to hold onto their pants (and genitalia) just to keep them (the pants, not the genitalia) (hopefully) from falling down around their oversized sneaks. I know all that. But I am from Arkansas, remember? I have a high tolerance for fried foods, rednecks and traffic so actually, this whole area is like a match made in heaven for me.   ...more

Memories of Summer's Beginning

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen Just to the right of my desk there is a painting of my family’s Canadian house, with its gardens and pool. My mother, famous for her “if I see it I will paint it on the canvas just as it is” hyper-realism school of painting, created a visual memory of that special house and gardens that holds me in its vise of memories each time I look at it. We always opened the house for the summer season in Quebec on Memorial Day weekend. Today I have been remembering Memorial Day weekend as it once was. ...more

Blogging Mothers

This morning on the WUSA9 News Now show, Liz McConville, the Resource Editor for Washington FAMILY Magazine along with Janine Nickel, a blogger on the Washington FAMILY Magazine web site visited with Peggy Fox about mom bloggers.  The number of moms who are online and blogging has really exploded in recent months. ...more

Great post on the exploding number of blogging Mom's.  We have so much to ...more