Sad Discoveries in Paradise

Sad Discoveries in Paradise Since we've been here, I've shared some beautiful things on my blog. But 'though it's called Paradise Island, doesn't mean all's paradise. ...more


Flew to San Francisco Thursday on American Airlines. It's been a while so I'd forgotten about that lovely "class" system where the word "economy" means, "maybe if you'd worked a little HARDER, we wouldn't HAVE to treat you this way." I wasn't in the airport five minutes when it became quite clear to me that someone at American had gotten a hold of the balance in my checking account because when I attempted to board the escalator to get to the security area, I was immediately told, ...more

It just goes to show you. Never judge a book by it's cover.  more

Cancun Nightlife

Although Cancun is famous for a whole host of attractions and acitvities which appeal to all ages and walks of life, one of the main reasons people visit Cancun (generally on All inclusive Cancun trips ) is for the vibrant nightlife and Caribbean atmosphere. ...more

Why you'll never see me "vacationing" in an RV

We have relatives who recently squandered their children's inheritance invested in a camper RV luxury motor coach. And not just any motor coach – a really pimped-up, top-of-the-line model. Worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s so big, you practically need a CDL in order to drive it. ...more

My No Dieting Vacation: Will You Be Sticking To Your Diet At BlogHer?

I've been doing pretty good on my...Not really a diet, diet. Basically, I have lost most of the weight I had gained since last year's BlogHer conference. It's really amazing how easy it is to gain twenty pounds when you're not looking. I blame it on the whole love/hate relationship with my scale thing. Anyway, now I am faced with a dilemma...To diet, or not to diet, at the BlogHer conference? ...more

I just ranted on dieting. Im done with the weighing woes and skinny jeans ads making me feel ...more

The free gas has been won!

There are two winners for the free tank of gas. They are Linda and Marcia from New York. If you are Linda or Marcia, please email to advise of where you would like the checks sent. Congratulations!!! ...more

Living with your elderly loved one? You might need RESPITE care!

Are you presently living with or taking care of an elderly loved one full-time? ...more

Italy: Wearing a Cement Boot?

While I'm still in vacation mode, I thought I'd give you The Best & Worst of Italy's beaches. While Italy has over 7600 kms (4722 miles) of coastline attracting all us turisti, it would appear that the Italians believe that overrunning that same coastline with cement is a good business prospect. Anyone who has ever been to Acapulco will tell you that that's probably not such a good idea. ...more

Wait, I was on Giglio a few years ago and loved it. What's happening there? I don't see the ...more

Visiting your long distant elderly parent on holidays great time to check out how they're doing

With the fourth of July coming up, some of us may be looking to visit our distant elderly parents. This is a great time to check out how they are managing their home, their health and their safety. Keeping your opens and ears open will help you to determine if a loved is managing okay or not. Starting from the time you arrive, check out the grass, the landscaping, the outside of the house. Are there any noticeable major problems that are not being addressed? ...more

Summer Vacations - Family Style

Summer is consistent for me in as many ways as it is not, it turns out. Jobs, schedules and styles all change, but from year to year, I know a few things for sure. I'll complain about the D.C. humidity, but never as much as I complain about ice falling from the sky in the winter. I'll fall in love with fresh white corn and tomatoes all over again (go away, Salmonella, go away.) And every July, I'm likely to be in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for a weeklong family beach vacation that is much a ritual as a getaway. ...more