Right Here, Right Now

It's okay if you have that song by Jesus Jones going through your head... I totally did too! Follow my blog with Bloglovin ...more

7 Steps for the Perfect Stay-Cation

Looks like Scott, The Boy and I will be on vacation.  Now, for the last year The Boy and I have been on vacation almost all of the time.  No real structured vacation except for when we went to the Adirondacks last October (awesome vacation!)....more

Four Tips for Women’s Work-Life Balance

I have often admired the work-life balance structure the European countries have.  They devote their lives to how they live rather than what they do to live....more

Visit Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain

Casa Mila or La Pedrera, the beautiful building built by Gaudi - is located at ...Provença, 261-265, 08008 Barcelona....more

Walt Disney World Top 10 Vacation Tips

In October my girlfriend Melissa and I went to visit my daughter who is interning with the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World. The week was filled with laughter and all things Mickey. If you want to enhance your vacation, I highly recommend the following tips from our trip....more

A Tropical Paradise in the Land Down Under