Vaccines Keep Our Kids Safe

The measles outbreak traced to Disneyland this winter has created a great resurgence in the "vaccinate or do not vaccinate" debates that surface relatively often in parenting discussions. The media has been covering different angles, from encouraging everyone to get their shots to heart-rending stories of children purportedly injured by a vaccine. It's a hot topic....more

Vaccines Don't Cause Autism, But That's Not The Point. Stop Being Ableist.

Here are some typical arguments put forward by parents who choose not to vaccinate their otherwise healthy child (by “healthy” I mean there are no medical reasons for the child to be exempted from vaccination).For this example, I will pull quotes directly from a recent New York Times Article, Vaccine Critics Turn Defensive Over Measles:...more

The Face of Childhood Communicable Diseases

From time to time, I get sucked into the mommy wars about vaccines.  "Are you pro-vaccines? or anti-vaccines?"  and then of course there are all of the stereotypes that go with each label.This was a big week for that since the big measles outbreak in Disneyland.  What tickles me to death though are the moms who eloquently write about how dire the childhood disease of measles, mumps, pertussis and chicken pox were - how children were at death's door or severely disfigured by these diseases....more

Myths About "Anti-Vaxxers" that Need to be Debunked. NOW.

  There has been a ton of media hubbub over the measles outbreak that has been birthed out of the land of happiness aka Disneyland. The disease is making a cross-country migration and is now being found in some mid-western states. There have been nearly 100 cases and (thankfully) no deaths. The culprits? Those darn "anti-vaxxers" of course! They MUST be the cause of such a preventable outbreak.   ...more
Part 3 of 3 15) Myth #8: Anti-vaxxers are exhibiting parental neglect and child endangerment by ...more

So the CDC Has Been Lying to Us After All

Hi! Thank you for clicking this post. After submitting this particular one, I decided that I want my blog posts to be known for something other than my stance in the vaccine debate. ...more

The Birthday That Almost Broke My Heart

Please read this if you have a dog, it could save their life!...more

I'm Coming Out too...will you?

I read this article, blog, whatever you want to call it the other day and when I was finished I practically stood up and shouted, "Finally!"  To summarize, JJ Watt gives her opinion on being pro-vaccine for her children.  She backs it up with facts on how immunizations are really only effective with herd immunity, and that the theory that shots, specifically the MMR, cause autism has been disproven time and time again.  ...more

The HPV Vaccine: Why My Daughter Will Get Vaccinated

I don't often post about controversial subjects, because I am of the belief that the things which set us apart are what make us unique and beautiful. As long as you are informed and rational, I don't care what you do. Your politics, your religion, your health, are all your own personal choices.But damn it, I can't sit back and be quiet about the HPV vaccine debate anymore....more
Thanks for your article. My daughter had her first shot last month.  She got it at her 7th grade ...more