Still No Parent Instruction Manual For Kids!

When babies are born, parents learn instantly that they are alone with no instruction manual to help them care for and guide them in parenting their children. The zillions of pieces of unsolicited advice are also not much help. Skills honed over a lifetime prove to be insufficient against the omniscient child brain. For example, those of us who are lawyers who seldom lose an argument in court or at a negotiation table cannot win one at home....more

Prepping You For A New Vaccine (I smell the $$)

Ok folks, here we go again.  This is the way the federal government, the FDA, big pharma, and the AMA start prepping you for a new vaccine.  They scare the bigeezes out of you about something that is totally out of your control and they convince you that it WILL happen to your child.  Here's the headline, "Kids Exposed to Strain of Cold Virus More Likely to Be Obese". What do I think about that?

(VIDEO) Whooping Cough Is Back: How to Spot It, How to Prevent It

In some cases, pertussis is deadly. The CDC reports that 18 people died in the U.S. as a result of the disease in 2008, and already two babies have died from pertussis in California this year. ...more

I'm sorry to hear you got it twice. My father got it and it was terrible and lasted for so ...more

Virulent Systemic Feline Calicivirus

Guest Post by Dr. Fern Crist Virulent Systemic Feline Calicivirus – What Do We Really Know?...more

Feline Vaccinations – Walking Through the Minefield

Guest Post by Fern Crist, DVM...more

Security in your Parenting Choices

The past couple days, I really feel like my blog topics are lacking, I must admit I have been pre occupied with my actual life, family, and children to really put the thought I want to into the topics of my list for the time being.  Today, I am digging back into my list and my roots to talk about an issue that all parents will see at one time of their life once they become a parent and that is dealing with security in the choices you have made for your child....more

A Verdict on the Vaccination Boogeyman

Have you ever wondered why, exactly, vaccines are erroneously associated with autism? I'll tell you: In 1998, Dr. Andrew Wakefield held a press conference to announce that his research had revealed a possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism. He published his findings in the respected independent medical journal The Lancet, and spent the next few years promoting his vaccine-autism "concerns" through media outlets like the TV news magazine 60 Minutes....more

Great post!  No offense to any parents of children with autism, but I think some people ...more

H1N1 and Infertility

The convergence of H1N1 and the upcoming movie, 2012, has brought out the eternal debate--how will life on earth end as we know it? Will it be a virus or massive flu that spreads through the population, leaving behind only a small subsection of those with immunity (because aren't there always some people with immunity--usually highly attractive people with great make-up or biceps--when these things play out in the movies)? ...more

Getting the vaccine, getting the vaccine!  You certainly don't want to get them H1N1 ...more