Vaccines - Necessity, Luxury or Liability?

I vaccinate my children.  I believe in the benefits of vaccines, so it was just a matter of course.  Our pediatrician laid out the immunization schedule and we agreed to it.  I knew other parents who didn't vaccinate their children, and felt to each his own.  Sure, you can have the right to choose, my kids would be protected.  But this story changed my opinion. ...more

I agree that vaccines are not perfect and there is room for improvement. But I do believe that ...more

Edible Vaccines and Flying Syringes

I found a very interesting article on It talks about how the government is genetically modifying our food supply so that they will contain vaccines. It was originally developed for people in developing countries. But it seems now it's may be the new way to vaccinate. Here is a quote from the article. <strong>“Children of developing countries may not be the only beneficiaries of this new technology. Says Arntzen: ‘American kids will also probably prefer being vaccinated by an edible vaccine rather than by a needle.’”</strong> ...more

Do Vaccines Cause Autism? Study Says No...What Do You Think?

Okay, before you shoot the messenger, let me clarify that. There is no "known" link between vaccines and autism. However, there is also no "known" cause of autism. Millions of children get the MMR vaccine every year, and most of them never develop autism. Even without a scientific study, it seems easy to suggest that vaccines can not be solely responsible for autism. But that doesn't mean there is no link between vaccines and autism, just that there is no proof of a link. ...more

I've worked for many years with adults and children with Autism and Other needs, In Education ...more

Why I am a less then fantastic parent

I have started to write this a thousand times and with every start, my blood would surge through my body and I would vomit up paragraph after paragraph of incoherent gibberish.It made me just that angry. Perhaps it is PMS. I am a woman after all and not allowed to be bothered by anything without the implication that PMS is behind it, you know. So, it could be PMS or maybe it's just the fact that a magazine so many woman trust is spoon feeding them crap. ...more

There May Be Hope Yet To Save The Devil


I first learned about this disease in early 2008 from a magazine I get called Conservation ...more

The Measles Are Back, And the Media Blames YOU!

The Measles are back, according to a recent article released by Scientific American (and every other news source out there). The only thing missing from the article titled ”Measles Is Back, And It's Because Your Kids Aren't Vaccinated!” is a large, glowing clip, art finger pointing out at you. ...more

WARNING: Extremist Theory (I just don't want anyone going ...more

On Grief and Hope

Hope, it conquers the sorrow Shout, it eases the heartache. Cry, it soothes the pain. Pray, it brings peace. -Traditional Greek Proverb This week I have been particularly inspired by the life story of Miss Jenny, a very ill and very determined young woman who is going to have as much fun as possible until it's time to say goodbye. ...more

In Health News: The Autism Debate, Drive-Thru Mastectomies, and the HPV Vaccine (Gardasil).

There was a lot of news coverage this week, about a court case of a family with a child who appeared to developed Autism after her childhood immunizations...I wondered how this might affect other families dealing with this devastating disease? Also in the blogs, is a petition that women can sign, supporting an end to drive-thru mastectomies. And end they should, this practice is a disgrace, as well as a travesty against women. And, my pet-peeve issue (Gardasil), is also in the news. Autism... ...more

It will be interesting to see how Hannah's court case affects future autism cases.  I'm still ...more

Parents Lose The Right To Choose: News, Facts, and Controversy Over The Chicken Pox Vaccine.

More problems associated with vaccines, this time the controversy is with the Chicken Pox vaccine. I haven't been silent about my distrust with the pharmaceutical industry, and most recently with the collaboration between this industry and our government...specifically the rush to make the HPV vaccine mandatory for 9 to 12 year old girls. ...more

Hi karoli. Back when you and I had Chicken Pox, there was a lot of scaring with more severe ...more

Autism and the Amish Revisited

Recently at the Y I picked up a free copy of Chiropractic Wellness ( with no indication on the cover that an article about the aforementioned was within the pages. The article has great points but most of which are not new ... more at ...more