FACT: All Women Experience Vaginal Discharge

While I realize that for some, there may be an EWWW factor to the topic of vaginal discharge, many women ask about this and, are at times, concerned about theirs. (And if it makes anyone feel better, when I told my daughter about my topic, she said "YIKES!") Hopefully, if you stick with me, you will be more knowledgeable when you are done and better informed about the care of your vagina. And I promise: NO quiz....more
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THEN and NOW: Remedies for What Ails the Menstruating Woman.

Recently, I was perusing the book section of a very dusty second hand/antiques store and came across a really interesting women’s health soft covered book titled: “CARDUI Medical Advice for Women” published by the Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, TENN.   The book is “A Simple Treatise on the Diseases AND Physiological Functions of Women, With Information on Hygiene, Diet and Exercise.”  Fun stuff considering that this book was published anywhere from 1880-1910 to promote the publisher’s treatments for women’s reproductive health malfunctions.  (To Antiques Road Sho...more
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