FACT: All Women Experience Vaginal Discharge

While I realize that for some, there may be an EWWW factor to the topic of vaginal discharge, many women ask about this and, are at times, concerned about theirs. (And if it makes anyone feel better, when I told my daughter about my topic, she said "YIKES!") Hopefully, if you stick with me, you will be more knowledgeable when you are done and better informed about the care of your vagina. And I promise: NO quiz....more
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Is Your Doctor Judging You?

In Sussex County, Delaware, when you don't have insurance, or if you have Medicaid, and are a female, like me, you can go to the public health center to take care of your "family planing" needs. This means you get your annual check-up, birth control, and other "lady issues" for a lower cost, according to your income. I have been going there for about 5 or 6 years now, as I have no insurance. ...more

In my humble opinion when a doctor tries to tell you something is in your head it means he/she ...more

Want a Raise? Wash Your Vagina

OMG. You’ve got to be kidding. I just heard about a magazine ad that’s got me steaming mad. Check out this full page Summer’s Eve ad in Woman’s Day magazine. The title: “Confidence at Work: How to Ask For a Raise.” The very first suggestion in the eight tips on how to ask for a raise?...more