The 2015 Too Much Valentine’s Gift List

If you have a special girl in your life and you want to make sure she knows it, then this is your holiday! If your girl likes to wine, dine and look good, check out these suggestions for a V-day that will be “too much” fun:Photo creds: Jacques Torres; Nordstrom; DryBar; Murray’s; Charlotte Olympia...more

FREE Printable Valentine's Day Pop Rocks Tags

Did Valentine's Day creep up on you, again?  Let me guess - your kid's classroom Valentine exchange and party are tomorrow, and you still haven't purchased any cards, favors, candy, food, etc.  Don't worry!...more

Clay Play Heart

FunHow can you go wrong with a cool clay heart that can be passed out for a classroom Valentine’s treat?  I am not really fond of handing out candy to our kids’ classes, so this is a great option instead.  For the girls, we actually add a little glitter to add that sparkle. ...more

5 Yoga Poses to Make You Feel Sexy for Valentine's Day

Hot yoga isn't the only way to warm things up for Valentine's Day. Yoga at any temperature can heighten your senses and deeply intertwine your body and mind. A sexy body can be just 5 poses away. ...more
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A Financial Intimacy Valentine

Ladies, this love letter is for your husband who may not read Blogher columns.Print it out and let him read it.Hi guys,Here’s an idea for Valentine’s Day that you husbands may not have considered. Unlike many of the gifts you’ve been conditioned to equate with love, this gift won’t cost you any money . In fact, you will reap rewards far beyond your expectations. You might even wind up spending the day in bed - together. The gift? It's called financial intimacy....more

Love is in the air: Valentine's Guide

I know love is blind because Justin hasn't asked me about the 100 chopsticks that have been on my desk for the past week. You guys, I found a keeper.  Since love is in the air, here's a few things to help you score some points on Valentine's Day. This card says it all....more


 Traditionally, Valentine's Day is a celebration for the ladies. The name automatically conjures up images of candle light dinners, flowers and decadent chocolates nestled in red satin hearts. Men have a completely different perspective of Valentine's Day---one that involves obligation and pressure to get the right gift. I've seen plenty of them break into a sweat while trolling the card aisle at Hallmark. They know that if they screw this day up, instead of getting a roll in the hay, they'll end up in the dog house with Fido The Farter....more

Some Comic Relief for You, Valentine

Some may not associate Valentine's Day with old newspaper comics, but if you haven't noticed by now, I'm not really like "some people"....more

valentine instagram heartstrings!

i made a sort of banner with 'loving' instagram pics and hung them from hearts on strings over the mantel....more

valentines candy conversation hearts decor diy!!!

here's a quick and easy DIY for a last minute valentine's day touch. pour a few bags of candy conversation hearts (my favorite) into your gum ball machine!...more