Kid Valentines Craft

Making Paper Mache Hearts is a great weekend activity drying glue and paint can be helped along with a blow dryer.  As a family activity these hearts are not to give away they are for the children to keep and hang in their bedrooms to remind them of all the people that love and consider as part of their family....more

Happy Valentine's from Baby Boy and I

Besides, the requested non-slip slippers Hun wanted for Valentine's Day, I wanted to make sure Hun had something from Baby Boy, too! We might not really celebrate much in terms of the commercialization when it comes to holiday stuff around here, but it's always fun and exciting to give a gift anyway. And this year, Baby Boy and I worked on this simple and easy paper craft....more

One More (Easy) Frozen Valentine Idea

Valentine's Day is so much fun when you have little ones....more

My Summer Valentine

All around the United States, temps are dropping and snow is falling. In these moments, I feel quite lucky to live on a tropical island with an endless summer. I have an undying love for summer, and being in such close vicinity to the ocean I often replay a beautiful love story and my personal favorite. It is the kind of story you curl up on the couch with, the kind that urges you to grab the Kleenex along with the popcorn. It is without a doubt the kind of love story you can't wait to share with others....more