TUTORIAL: A Charlie Brown (Mailbox) Valentine’s Card

Valentine’s Day is next week, and I committed to help make some decorations for my son's class party. Since I was planning to pull out my crafting supplies, I thought I might as well make some handmade Valentine’s Day cards.I don’t know what made me think of Charles Schulz’ famous comic strip, Peanuts, but perhaps it was a recent reading of Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown that inspired this tutorial.  If you’re looking to make a Peanuts-inspired Valentine card this year, then look no further....more

Valentine Keepsake Box

Don't you just love getting valentine's? Especially homemade sentiments.Do you have a special place to store your treasures? After receiving a bunch of cigar boxes, I decided to decorate it using some ephemera, a doily, and punches. You can use digital clip art, velvet, metal and other textures to add interest. View complete post here...more

Upcycle Paper Bags into Valentines

While you can get valentines fairly cheaply, I found it very satisfying to make good use of some materials I had laying around at home to make our own valentines. It saved me a trip to the store, a few bucks, and I didn't have to throw any plastic packaging away that usually surrounds each box of valentines....more
I love this idea! It's unique and upcycled! Turn Paper Bags into Valentines http://t.co/j5ASMsNf ...more