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Surviving Valentine's Day As A Parent

Bellonheels.comHolidays are not like they used to be. Let’s take Valentines Day for instance. The holiday of love.When I was a kid my mother bought 20 fun cards, wrote my name on each one and stuck them in envelopes....more

My top 5 Valentine's day gift ideas

The week of Valentine's day is funny.It is a frenetic search of: What am I going to give her/him (yes girls are not always that romantic, thank you very much, or just in lack of imagination -_-)But HEY !What about seeing a movie :) That's our plan this year. Poor students don't get to go to fancy restaurants, but we get to see Kingsman Secret Service. Don't get me wrong, this is gonna be a great night.AND...more

Forcing the Valentine's Day Love

I cannot be the only one…who lives in a house ran by boys and who knows that, even with their brawny efforts, making Valentine’s Day anything other than a run-of-the-mill Friday will be up to me, and this includes the Sonny Boy’s valentine exchange at school. ...more

Valentine's gifts for him under $50

Perfect Valentine's gifts for the man in your life all for under $50.  I found the beer kit on sale at Kmart for $39 on Friday.  I swooped it up because my Hubbie has totally been asking for one.  I had to add the T-Shirt because it just made me laugh and I always give my husband a funny random gift. :) ...more

Monster Scarf + Valentine's Giveaway.

Go big or go home.It’s a good motto, especially when it comes to scarves. I’m talking huge, wrap-around-you-four-times, basically-wearing-a-blanket type scarves. Monster scarves, Godzilla scarves. Not only is this super cozy, but has a nice style pay-off.That is what I asked for as a Valentine’s present, by the way: a new scarf. The bigger, the better. Since we won’t be out of the cold anytime soon, I might as well stock up....more

Valentine's Day Love Letter Challenge for Singles or Couples

Many single people hold a grudge against Valentine’s Day. They resent this holiday dedicated to couples and romantic love for various reasons -- perhaps they feel lonely or left out or looked down on, or maybe they’ve been hurt in the past. Although I’m a terminally single person, I’ve never harbored that resentment. In my childhood, St. Valentine’s Day was a family celebration. Every Valentine’s Day, at the end of dinner, there was a knock at the front door....more
Not my favorite holiday and not my best writing. But honest and, dare I say, hopeful ...more

I Started A Joke, But The Joke Was On Me

AND THE JOKE'S ON ME03/07/20120 Comments...more

Valentine's Validations

When my firstborn was just six months old, my husband sent me chocolate-covered strawberries to my office on Valentine’s day. It was so sweet and thoughtful of him, especially since we both knew how much I had craved strawberries during my pregnancy. Attached was a note that I still have: “We would be lost without you. Love you.” That night, my husband also gave me a handmade card featuring a beautiful picture of our baby, which I still have to this day....more
@KarenLynnn Yes, I feel very, very blessed! Sometimes, he'll pick flowers for me from the ...more

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