It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ll start by stating the obvious: I REALLY LOVE MY FAMILY.This is not news, because we all do....more

Happy Flipping Valentine's Day

**That title is very much the PG version of what I wanted to call this post... I decided to behave :p**This year, I'd determined that I was not going to let Valentine's Day get me down.  I was doing really, really well with that actually until about 1 pm.  I got slammed with a cold.  I was teaching Grade 2 Drama and my head plugged up, I couldn't finish sentences without sneezing, and the kids were all like "you sound funny!"I know, right?  Funnier than usual, of course ;)...more

The shrieking shrew sends her love

Valentine’s Day seems to have gotten a lot more complicated since having kids.Tonight, at approximately 6:33 p.m., I was at my neighbourhood drugstore - along with 86 other last-minute Valentine shoppers – perusing the boxes of kids’ cards (you know, the kind you buy in a pack of 30). I was picking up some little cards for the boys in my six-year-old daughter’s class, because the two packages that I’d bought from Wal-Mart earlier in the day were deemed “too girly.”...more

Romance, Reality and Expectations

I began writing this reply in response to a post written by a very disgruntled wife in one of my fb groups who's husband was once again disappointing her on Valentine's Day. Anyway, I believe her issue is pretty universal, so I decided to share my reply......more

Made a New Sculpture appropriate for Valentine's Day

     I did infact get back to my studio and have made a new sculpture out of clay. It depicts a married couple (us) cuddling on the couch and dozing off in each other's arms. It seems appropriate to write about it on Valentine's Day. The sculpture is still wet and drying. Doing sculpture in clay as been a life long love of mine. I had been away from it for a while focusing on my book. It feels great to have my hands in the clay again.      I will be having a book signing and art display in March and will write about that. Stay tuned....more

Happy Valentine's Day

It’s 9:42 am on Valentine’s Day 2013.He lives in New York, so it shouldn’t be too early to call, I decide. I dial his phone number. After a few rings, a woman answers.This must be his wife, I think. She’s a graduate, too. “Good morning,” I begin, identifying myself before asking for her spouse. I want her to know I’m calling from the liberal arts college from which both she and her husband graduated sixty-five years ago.“I work in the Annual Fund Office. You and your husband make a recurring quarterly gift.”...more

Love actually is...

Valentine’s Day is a “holiday” that I don’t have strong feelings for either way — it’s nice if acknowledged when I have a significant other, and if I’m single, I don’t really spend time thinking about it.But love…that’s another story. Although I will happily accept (and send) cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts as an expression of affection, I’m much more about those displays, and more, being spread throughout the year....more

Perspective on Valentine's Day

The last couple of years, I've noticed a Valentine's Day push back from unexpected places. If you've just come out of a relationship or you haven't had one in forever, I understand feeling negative toward's Valentine's Day. If you are in an unhappy relationship, that also makes sense. I used to have very mixed feelings towards Valentine's day. I loved giving gifts to my family, but I longed to have a boyfriend/husband to share the day with. So I totally understand negativity toward's Valentine's Day under these circumstances. ...more

My Valentine's Day Evolution

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.  ...more

The Black Box, a Valentine’s Day Story

I’m going to tell you a little Valentine’s Day story.A long time ago, on a Valentine’s Day far far away I was presented with the most romantic gift I have ever received. I still have it.Here is it.Yes, it is a box. Inside the box…...more