Photo: Still Life

These were from my Valentine in February!What's your Still Life story? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more

A Valentine’s Gift for You (Novel Excerpt)

I thought on Valentine’s Day it might be nice to share most of one of the romantic (not necessarily erotic) chapters from my novel. Just a little somethin’ somethin’ out of Compliments from a Stranger. I hope you enjoy this little excerpt and look forward to hearing your thoughts....more

Valentine's Day: Candy, Cookies, and... Chicken

Should I hate Valentine’s Day? My teen years are long gone, and love as performance art is pretty annoying.  The flowers that die, the balloons that pop, and most of all, the relationship that won’t even last until Easter make it all too much.  Plus, is Valentine’s Day even about love?  The only people who benefit from it are the show owners and the dreaded media. It’s just another cutesy display meant to eat away at your self-esteem like a disease.  Are the initials “VD” by mere coincidence?...more

Reflections on Being Married to a Chef or Dating a Chef on Valentine's Day

It's almost here.  The day we've all be waiting for.  The day we celebrate our love for each other oh wait the person we love is a chef and is working tomorrow night (and tonight and all the days around Valentine's Day).So what does Valentine's Day mean to many chef wives and significant others?A night alone.Yep.  That pretty much sums it up.  It stinks.  I know....more

Crazy Yet Interesting Valentine's Day Facts (INFOGRAPHIC)

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? And do you expect a gift from your significant other? Well, if you do, you are not the only one. This popular holiday is one of the most celebrated holiday of the year as well as one of the most marketable and profitable....more

Give Yourself a Valentine’s Gift of Self Love

Oh you love haters! We’ve all been inundated with the “I hate Valentine’s Day” naysayers, haven’t we? Complaints about the commercial aspects, how it’s a “Hallmark” holiday (which, BTW, it’s NOT. Do a little research, would ya?) and, worst in my eyes, the “I’m single and this day SUCKS” people. This is a note to you…and to those who love Valentine’s Day. And to even those who are ambivalent about it. Basically, it’s a note to everyone. :)...more

3 Ways to Use Your Blog for Good on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and across the blogosphere, people are pulling out their DIY valentines tutorials or lists of foods that are aphrodisiacs. Either that or they're writing screeds against this most Hallmark of holidays. But have you considered turning your next blog post into a valentine? Akin to the ones we used to make as kids and slip into the brown paper bags we had hanging off our desks. (What? Your school didn't do that?) I'm not talking about downloading a template of Jem and the Holograms and writing, "be my valentine because you are truly outrageous!" (Though, on second thought...) Don't you remember how good you felt when you opened up all the valentines from your friends during the class party. Well, you can recreate that feeling with your blog. I'm talking about using your blog for good. ...more
Great ideas, Melissa. Love the idea of spreading a caring Heart today.more

Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

 I thought about titling this post, "Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts: What Your Significant Other Probably Really Wants Anyway", but then I thought, no, that's way too long for a title, however true it is. You're likely here for one of 4 reasons:...more

Valentine's Day Goji Berry Bark

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you are anything like me, you are trying to come up with an easy Valentine's Dessert.  And when I say easy, I mean minimal ingredients and minimal fuss.  I'm all about decadent chocolate cakes and puddings, but sometimes I just want some chocolate (and wine).  This Goji Berry Bark recipe is adapted from the Practical Paleo cookbook and comes together in a matter of minutes. Valentine's Goji Berry Bark...more