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Treatment at puppy mills...more

Bringing Your New Dog Home

We all know that moving from one home to another can be a difficult transition – and the transition from a shelter to a home can be very difficult for a dog too. Pets Take Time to Adjust Your dog will need time to adjust to any changes in environment and daily routine. Here’s some information and tips to help ease your dog’s transition into your family: Take it slow – the transition can take a few weeks Try not to over – compensate for any hard times you feel that your dog may have experienced in the past by being too permissive....more

Valerie Furey Florida

Valerie Furey As an ASPCA supporter you are probably familiar with our dedicated Agents and the work they do to save the lives of animals across the country. But did you know that you, too, can help crack down on animal cruelty in your community? Read on for simple actions you can take to make the world a safer place for animals. Here are some other signs and symptoms that we see in many of the cases we investigate: ...more