Teaching Values Through Toys and Play

You know the fight when your daughter is wearing her shirt way above her belly button and her skirt is almost as high.  Your son doesn't say hello when he passes a neighbor and just forget cleaning a dish or making a bed. ...more

Paying It Forward-A Concept Of Life

Long before Oprah's 'paying it forward' on one of her favorite things to do this holiday season, I've been incorporating the long time belief system that my parents instilled from an early age , simply that the simple act of "sowing seeds" in which we give to those less fortunate without expecting anything in retrun. We give, in essence to offer up hope, relief from worry/stress and just because it is the human and spiritual thing to do... ...more

A Small Business Lesson I Learned from a Spy.

I was speechless (and for me that hardly ever happens) when I met Valerie Plame Wilson last week at a VIP reception in New York hosted by the ...more

Cultural Touch Points – Our Internal Cultural Beacon

It happens. An story idea I thought was important and I did the work on is blocked by a Force Divine that is yelping at me at a high rate of speed, “You gotta do this, not that.” And I say “I can’t, looky I really worked on this…” and the Force Divine says, “Save it for next week, kid. We got business here.” And I say “Yeah, but…” and I am lost before I pronounced the “t” in but.  So this is free form and we’ll see where it takes us. ...more

4 Steps to Finding and Following Your Passion

There is so much talk about discovering your passion, following your bliss and living a life that you love. Hearing messages like these over and over, we can't help but to take a look at our own lives and to perhaps find them lacking. We wonder how we can live a life of purpose and meaning, how we can follow our bliss. Then we begin to wonder. What is my bliss? Do I have a passion? Did I ever? ...more

How a Queen made me recognize the power of my own values

I just stumbled upon a great article on CNN about Queen Rania of Jordan. "The most important thing is to instill [my children] with the right values," Rania says. "I just feel that values are the shield that you carry with you throughout life. It protects you from whatever life throws at you." ... ...more

Mixed Families....Different but the Same

What a great weekend! Even though it's about to be Monday soon, at least I am comforted by the thoughts of a short work week, thanks to July 4th. Add that to my doctor's appt. on Thurs., and we are sittin' pretty with a 3.5 day work week! Yeah!! ...more

The Scourge of Materialism

It seems that there is a plague in our midst. It threatens to steal away our health, our happiness and perhaps our future. Celebrity carriers like Paris Hilton and Donald Trump may be it's poster-children but they have a lot of not-so-famous company. Look around...it's likely that many around you have already been infected. In fact, chances are good that it's gotten most of your loved ones and quite possibly.......you.   ...more

I'll give you something to fight for

Oh look, a kindergarten student has been suspended for showing up to school with a Mohawk. Is it just me or is it pretty much a daily occurrence that some damn kid somewhere gets sent home from school for having hair or clothes that are deemed inappropriate? And then the poor thing is paraded about in the media while the parents prattle on about human rights abuse and how they feel it is important to fight for their child’s freedom of self-expression. Oh spare me. ...more

America’s throw-away society…

It was with sadness that I read today about the closure of Adams TV in Fremont. Adams TV was founded in 1952 by by the current owner's father, a former radio repairman. The owner, according to the PI, said, ""We live in a throwaway society. It got to where I just couldn't fight that anymore." The sad thing is that he's right, we do live in a throwaway society. I know many people, for example, who throw out their old printer rather than purchase a new toner cartridge and who can blame them? After all, it's usually cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to replace the toner cartridge. ...more