How to make a Christmas wish list

A long time ago, I learned that I could make the annual Christmas wish list tradition a lot of fun if I got the focus off of gifts and onto values... First, I picked a date for hot cocoa and wish lists. I set the counter up as I might for a craft project by putting out pencils, erasers, colored markers, catalogs, whole punches, etc. Second, I showed each of the kids how to start a letter to Santa. Third, I let the kids draft out their long lists of wishes. They could put anything (and as many things as) they wanted on their lists - no editing or shoulds allowed from mom. ...more

When a business issues an apology, does it really matter to you?

When a business messes up we expect an apology. Sometimes we demand one. Then we choose whether to accept or reject it. Often we grade the business apology. Was it sincere? Was it sincere enough?  Why do we care so much whether a business apologizes to us?  Does it really change things? ...more

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Mamahood's Mama Advice

The best advice I've been given and taken....... 1. Go Natural if you can, child birth is a very painful but a beautiful process, you recover better when you don't use the epidural. I had my first two natural and with my third child used an epidural....which I was a little grateful for during the contractions but afterwards felt so much more pain, and needed more medicine too. With my fourth child I went natural and felt good and recovered well. ...more