A Plausible Vampire Logic.!

Vampires ? Can they be scientifically proven.? No? Ok I agree. But can they be scientifically explainable.?Again No.?Oh don’t give me a solid no. I think they can be scientifically explainable. Their physiology and their activities. Just hear me out. After watching number of TV Shows and movies with vampires, I couldn’t resist the fact that at least these are scientifically explainable, let alone proven.Yeah I’m accepting it. Just like everyone else I’m a fan of this whole Hollywood supernatural phenomenon. So I’m not ready to dump it. yet.!...more

Day Soldiers.... Vampires are back being BAD!

I alternate between 'love and hate' for the sexy and irresistible Vampire Hero, some days I would be quite keen to meet an Edward or Giovanni, other days I would quite happily wield the stake.I have MUCH less tolerance for the typical Vampire novel heroine, the feisty, strong young lady who is completely unaware of her own physical charm. BLEUGH.Good news, Brandon Hale, has delivered a 'Vampire Apocalyptic' fantasy ride without any of the usual romantic fluff....more

Getting My Freak On

When I type my hands get cold. I don’t really notice, but if I reach out to the girls or Sweet Babou without thinking then shrieks of dismay that I touched their fragile flesh with my ice-talons ring out through the house. No matter how often this happens, I always forget about it the next time I have been writing and proceed to handle a beloved family member with my frigidity digits....more

5 Things I Learned from Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

The premise of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is pretty straightforward. This enlightening work of historical fiction follows Abraham Lincoln’s rise to power and struggle for the nation and freedom for all. And also, he’s a vampire hunter.  How could this possibly not be awesome? Image courtesy of FOX ...more
I didn't love the book, but I thought it was intriguing. The tagline for the Rotten Tomatoes ...more

My New Most Favorite Blog Site

Have I mentioned how much I love BlogHer. No, I’m not going to the conference and if you’re nice you will stop reminding me that you are going. I’m quite jealous and not above throwing a temper tantrum or two. I carry a gun when I do it so beware. I’ve met so many wonderful friends here, like minded strong women who make me proud every day as I read their amazing work....more
 @gab15th Got there and read - very humorous in a real-life crazy way that I enjoy. more

Gravity's Law

In a land far awayAll is sad, no children playThis land is dark with clouds hanging onThis is the place tears come fromFears and screams are from here tooCaged monsters live in our zoosFairytales birthed just over the hillSent to earth, to find bones to chill...more

Blogs are Like Vampires, Almost

My blog and I seem to have a Buffy (the vampire slayer) and Spike (the evil bad, yet not so bad vampire) love affair.   There’s days when I can’t belive how awesome a post came out, how many views came my way, and how much in love I am with the whole process. Then there’s the days I want to grab my blog right out my screen and...more
@isthisthemiddle I'm telling ya, evil vampires! more

Belle Marsh All Free today

Free today Belle's mystery on kindle http://shardpubs.blogspot.com/...more