Belle Marsh writes a wholly new genre. The English village mystery in the vein of agatha christie and whodunnits with a twist. This is no ordinary village. There are vampires here and the heroine is one. Mystery with bite....more
Hi I'm Belle Marsh and I write vampire investigator mystery books. Whodunnits with a twist. ...more

Taxidermy, pink hearts, nose warmers, gator-feet, vampire slaying, and the zombie apocalypse on Etsy

As I start writing this, I’ve been up since 11:30 pm because of the baby. It’s 3:00 am and she has more energy than I don’t even know what right now. What.the.hell. We’ve watched Dora. Lots and lots of Dora. If that isn’t enough to make anyone madd under normal circumstances, I don’t know what is....more

Up On The Rooftop...

Throughout December, I read with great interest a variety of different views on the Santa myth. I found all the reasons given for the various choices regarding Santa--pass the traditional myth down, debunk it, let the kid kind of decide--fascinating and thought provoking. Now that Christmas is safely over, though, I think it's only fair that I tell you all that I am in possession of conclusive evidence: Santa exists and...he's a vampire....more

Fright Night

Directed by Craig Gillespie, Albuquerque Studios, 2011, Starring Colin Farrell,Anton Yelcin, Toni Collette, David Tennant and Imogen Poots.Genre: Comedy, Horror...more

"True Blood's" New Season Doesn't Suck

Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin, Stephen MoyerImage: Art Streiber/HBO...more

It's always worth giving it a try!



(VIDEO) What to Feed Your Vampire

I usually hate book trailers. I love what BlogHer Book Club author Deborah Harkness has done instead -- tips for wining and dining your favorite vampire. ...more

What a great idea...the video instead of a trailer. Harkness does such a good job...certainly ...more

(VIDEO) Wines to Serve Your Vampire

BlogHer Book Club author Deborah Harkness is an expert on vampires, but she's also a wine blogger, listing her picks at Good Wines Under $20. ...more

I think I love everything about her!

Rita Arens authors more

Let Me In - a vampire story that is really good

Here is my latest review  - Let Me In. This is not Twilight! It is better!! share!! Thanks!...more

Month of Movies: A Lost Boys Tribute

Every day during February 2011, we'll be talking movie reviews, celebrities, Oscar nominations, awards shows, DVDs you need to rent + more. Sign up to get A Month of Movies in your inbox each week in February -- and see all the movies in the series....more

I haven't seen it since high school ... and my then-boyfriend based his fashion choices on ...more

"Buffy's" Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to TV with "Ringer"

All you Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans take note: Sarah Michelle Gellar is on her way back to prime time TV, and I, for one, am jazzed! ...more

It's funny, when SMG left AMC, I thought, this gal will never get another role as good as ...more