Vampires Versus The Tooth Fairy: How Do You Talk About Storybook Monsters With Your Kids?

If I'm committed to encouraging my daughter's imagination and love of story and fantasy, how do I treat the fantastical stories that her playmates come up with? Do I treat vampires differently than I do, say, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus? Why am I so tempted to discriminate on the basis of (seeming) monstrosity? ...more

To me adding in the occasional witch and vampire to the princess storyline adds depth and ...more

(Video) BlogHer Interviews Author Meg Cabot About Insatiable

Meg Cabot is a #1 New York Times bestselling author with more than 25 books for adults and teens -- including The Princess Diaries in print. I started reading her novels many years ago, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to have her answer some of my questions about her new vampire novel, Insatiable, the life of an author on the internet -- and, of course, vampires. ...more

But I do find her very amusing and that translates to her books often. Not always, but often. ...more

Do Tell: Twilight vs. True Blood! Tell Us Which Vampire Series You Prefer to Win Both Sets of Books

It must be Vampire Season. Last month, Charlaine Harris released Dead in the Family, the tenth novel in Sookie Stackhouse series -- the basis for the series True Blood. ...more

true blood all the way can't wait for season 3 to start soonmore

Mother Earth is Hemorrhaging

On Mother's day, I wondered how many folks thought about the current plight of the mother of us all - Mother Earth? I found it hard to fully celebrate such a wonderful day even though I was lovingly surrounded by my own mother, children and grandchildren.  In the back of my mind, as it has been since the day of the Gulf oil catastrophe, was the thought of the mother of all life's blood spilling freely without abate in sight. ...more

"Buffy vs. Edward" Fights Like a Slayer for Votes Before Webby Awards Deadline

The Twilight series is full of angst about vampire love, but the popular video remix "Buffy vs. Edward" offers a brilliant solution to Bella's dilemmas about her tortured feelings for Edward. Buffy doesn't feel conflicted about Edward: He's a vampire, Buffy slays vampires. Done and done. ...more

For me there is no other vampire series except for Buffy!

well except for Angel. ...more

Why Would I?

I’ve never considered moving to Iowa, it’s fucking cold, snowy, miserable. They talk funny, (no, I’m not apologizing to you if you are from Iowa) it’s part of the “Corn Belt” (OMJ, WTF could be worse than that???), and I would still be in the black hole also known as the Midwest. So, no, I’ve never considered moving to Iowa, why would I?   I’ve never considered becoming a boy. I’m really quite girly. I like my girly bits. I like to dress them in pretty, lacy, silky lingerie. I’ve recently considered jazzing them up with some crystals....more

Vampire Fiction Is Popular Because Straight Women Secretly Want Gay Men? I Don't Think So.

Last week, Stephen Marche, author of Esquire's A Thousand Words About Our Culture column, regaled us with his latest epiphany: “Vampires have overwhelmed pop culture because young straight women want to have sex with gay men.” ...more

I think it is a mark of the  Western world view that any man who displays behavior ...more

Dear Vampire Diaries: How Hot is Your Vampire?

How many of you out there have been bitten by the vampire bug? Okay, a few. How many of you have been bitten by the vampire bug and don't want to admit it? Yeah, there's quite a bit more of you, I think. ...more

Back again. :D

I'm in to my last season (7th) of watching Buffy via rentals. When I'm ...more

Twilight Vampires and the Return of Courtly Love (Potential Spoiler)

When it came out last fall, I saw the teen vampire movie Twilight with my adult daughter. We grinned through some parts, groaned through others. Vampire aficionados of the old-school fang and grown women who know a little about relationships, we felt the characters were unrealistic and that had nothing to do with some of them being vampires. ...more

In Angel he has a soul like you said and that's why he feels remorse and doesn't want to kill ...more

Just for fun - Who would win the following Undead Dance Off?

Who would win in an Undead Dance Off? DJ Bobo’s vampires - Or Michael Jackson’s zombies - I personally favor Dracula (as played by Morgan Freeman) & Company - ...more