Girls Can't Be Girls: Canadian Women's Hockey Team Knocked for Drinking, Smoking on Ice

I love it that the Canadian women's hockey team celebrated their third straight Olympic gold win in the same way they scored it:  boldly, fiercely, with strength and camaraderie.  I hate it that they are getting grief for it. I hate it that they (or Hockey Canada, at least) felt they had to apologize. ...more

Yup-Bang on! You said it very well indeed.


Olympic Ladies Make History on Ice

Usually when the Olympics come around, I have a favorite skater  in each event. This year, my favorites won in each of the three events preceding the ladies. But once the final group of ladies took the ice, I realized I really just wanted them all to skate their best. Having written about all of them for so long, I know all of their stories. As a skater myself, I just wanted to share in their enjoyment of the sport and their Olympic moments. ...more

All of  the ladies did a spectacular job in the finals and should be proud of what they ...more

Rochette Positioned for Olympic Podium Days After Mother's Untimely Death

Vancouver 2010 hasn't been the constant high that usually comes with the Olympic Games. With the death of the Georgian luge competitor before the opening ceremonies began, a dark cloud formed over Vancouver that hasn't quite departed yet. As many have already heard, Canadian ladies' figure skating champion, Joannie Rochette, lost her mother to a heart attack earlier this week. ...more

First, how amazing was Joannie Rochette?  I hope she can keep it together tonight to at ...more

Canada, the Olympics and the Future of Women's Hockey

There is perhaps no Olympic event that is more discussed across Canada than Olympic hockey. Can the women bring home gold on our own ice? Can the men redeem themselves after a seventh place finish at the Torino Olympics? ...more


Mainly because there is so much pressure on Yzerman and I can't stand ...more

The Vonn-couver Games! You Go Girl!

 It's the Vonn-couver games!!!! I don't think this downhill event could have been any more exciting. Before I had kids, way back when I was much younger and a little nuts, I thought racing was a good way to spend the winter. Now I'm the unofficial Ski Bum Mum and I'm happy to sit back and watch the racers charge down those extremely challenging courses....more

Canadian Champion Joannie Rochette Wins Skate Canada

Skate Canada, the second in the Grand Prix figure skating series, took place in Ottawa this week and ended today.  With only a small batch of competitors in each division, it was easy to focus in on the ladies: three Canadians, three Americans, two Japanese and four European skaters.  Beginning with the short program on Friday, long time Canadian champion, Joannie Rochette triumphed, skating to "Summertime" and receiving a standing ovation, coming out 7 points ahead of Fumie Suguri, former world medalist, and Caroline Zhang, rising American star and former world Junior champion.&n ...more

I've been far too busy lately to keep up with skating even if it were shown on TV so thank you ...more