You Have No Idea: Book Review (and limited time giveaway)

* It's been far too long since I've belonged to a book club. My last one was reading the books of B. F. Skinner (Verbal Behavior alone took us two years to complete) and it was nowhere nearly as fun as this. ...more
Well, Megan, you have talked me in to reading the book. I AM interested. And I LOVED her in Ugly ...more

You Have No Idea - Book Review

A Vanessa Williams tell-all book. I had to get in on this. Not because I thought I knew all the dirt, but because as a 29-year-old white woman, I really had no idea. ...more

Vanessa Williams: What It's Like to Be Stuck in the News

Every so often a story hits the news and won't go away. It stays in the news cycle for weeks and as much as you may try to ignore it you can't. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in on the inside if such a story? How the people involved got there and what they thought? Vanessa and Helen Williams know just what it's like and spill all in their new book, You Have No Idea. ...more
@Mothering4Money I did get it for Lee for Mother's Day and she loved it! Thanks for the ...more

(EXCERPT) You Have No Idea

Dying to know what busy lady Vanessa Williams and her mom wrote about in their new book, BlogHer Book Club pick You Have No Idea? For one thing, nudity. Here's an excerpt to get you started! ...more
There's something to be said for overcoming scandal with grace, and Vanessa (and her mom!) did ...more

Our Time Is Now

As a young girl growing up in the ‘60s, I was raised in a sheltered New England community. Back then, I had yet to see a female newscaster, a female doctor, a female astronaut, or a female soldier. My young mind would have thought such a thing impossible. ...more

"You're so articulate. Where did you learn that?"


Hi Bianca

I get what you're saying but the point is Bill Cosby and Barack Obama are ...more