Shhh... I Bought Myself a Late Birthday Present from MadCitySparkle

I'm a huge fan of trays of all kinds: bar trays, trinket trays, perfume trays- they're a perfectly fashionable solution for grouping things together (if you're like me, so you don't lose something.) I've been inspired by a number of creative alternatives like this cake stand used as a perfume tray from bellemaison23:...more

Keep Out of Reach of Tall Children

Sometimes I get a little distracted. Like the time Danny and Jack went coasting down a hill in their double stroller as I stood there trying to locate the gorilla house on the zoo map.  By the time I looked up, they were 50 feet away and tipped over in the grass. I've gotten better.  Really I have....more
@victorias_view The stuff worked like a charm! They should cross-market it. (;more

Vanity vs. Memory

Today is the age of digital. Almost all of us have something digital in our lives: cellphones, cameras, TVs, clocks (at the very least), and so on.The one thing I personally love is the digital camera. Especially the one embedded in my smartphone. Whilst the purist in me scowls at its quality when it comes to capturing images, the romantic in me praises the person who had the idea of embedding digital camera into a cellphone to high heavens. ...more

Why Vanity Keeps Women Poor

Women spend thousands on beauty maintenance every year while men get by with drugstore shaving cream and hair gel. Even if we’re climbing the corporate ladder faster than ever, we’re still always one pedicured step behind. ...more
@TelecommuteMom Also slacking off on the personal care and beauty routines is more likely to ...more

Shaving - My Hairy Little Secret

This blog may contain TOO MUCH INFORMATION for some of you. If you don't want to read about shaving habits and armpits, just move on. Right now. I mean it. OK. Don't say I didn't warn you! ...more

The Tittie Bars

My friend Duke was going nuts on someone for calling a Tittie Club a "Boobie Bar" as though calling it a "tittie club" is so much more sophisticated, right? Duke, for all his strange male quirks (to include but are not limited to his favorite reading spot) does get me thinking about gender roles.  While Duke actually wasn't interested in going to a local club (he says the girls just look unclean)  if there were a "classier joint" he would probably have gone. I never knew a strip club could ever be classy...  ...more

The Three-Pound Stomach Bug and Dr. House

The other day someone mentioned the name of a little French restaurant on Southside, and I instantly flashed to me barfing lobster bisque onto our driveway after dinner there two Februarys ago. It wasn’t the food that made me sick (or the wine); it was a stomach virus my daughter brought home from school. And it happened to hit just as we arrived home that evening. 


$375 for 2oz revive intensite creme

It's a moisturizer that uses IGF, Insulin-like Growth Factor to help anti-aging. I discover it at the SPACE.NK.apothecary open house. The store is a calm, cool oasis of beauty for every aspect of your life. Very aspirational for the hip, ambitious and poor and a landing strip for the enthusiastically wealthy. (There are a lot of these types, especially lurching along Prince Street with that wild I've got to spend more MONEY look in their eyes wearing creamy cashmere coats. Mama, shield the children's eyes before they turn into pillars of salt.) ...more

Every Mom Needs A Little Vanity

One of my mom friends won't leave her house without lipstick on, even if all she is doing is hauling two snotty kids to the pediatrician. Another gets up at 5AM so she can take a shower and shave her legs before taking her four kids to school and dentist appointments and playdates. I myself refuse, no matter how late it is or how awful I feel, to go to the store in my pajamas. ...more