5 Reasons to Vape Instead of Smoke

Who could have foreseen the changes of smoking habits, possibly one of society's oldest recreational activities? While there are varying alternatives to smoking the traditional way, vaping is fairly new on the scene and could be the most healthy and efficient option. What exactly is it about vaping that makes it so much different or better than smoking in the traditional manner? It is Better for Your Lungs...more

As NJOY Files For Bankruptcy, What Does The Future Hold For Other Independent E-Cigarette Brands?

Up until this year, NJOY had a reputation as one of America’s biggest independent e-cigarette brands, yet in September, they filed for bankruptcy with an accumulated deficit of around $234 million. After owning around 50% of the American e-cig market in 2012, and successfully battling the FDA and winning in 2009, NJOY has now become the first major e-cigarette brand in US history to file for bankruptcy....more

5 Important Tips On How To Prevent Your Coil From Burning

You will definitely know it if your coil is truly burnt out. The Meche Brulee taste will be unmistakable. You will always get a slight burnt taste in case your coil is slightly burnt. It is important you prevent your coil from burning since burnt coils are always known to produce harmful chemicals....more

Does Vaping Help With Losing Weight?

One of the hottest topics in multiple realms of scientific research is that of vaping. Since vaping is such a new hobby that could potentially be life-changing, scientists want to understand exactly how it works to maximize how effective it is. Also, researchers want to stop any harmful effects of vaping before it becomes too prevalent. Here, we’ll explore two brand new and fascinating peer-reviewed studies published this past month covering weight loss associated with vaping. ...more

Vaping in the Workplace: Should It Be Allowed?

Since the rise of vaping and the use of e-cigarettes, the topic is one that divided opinions.  Some people are in favour of it as a way to quit smoking tobacco products while others are staunchly against it as simply transferring from one addiction to another.  When the subject turns to vaping in the workplace, the debate becomes even more heated.  So should it be allowed or should it be treated similarly to tobacco smoking?...more

I Quit!

A little over a year ago I quit smoking. Which, if you knew me, you’d realize is HUGE!!! The really weird thing is that I had no intentions of quitting…..ever. I started smoking at 13 years old.  From the first moment I lit up, I loved it! Looking back, I’m sure some of it was the “Cool” factor. But I truly have always loved smoking. And for over 35 years (don’t do the math!) I smoked about 1 ½ packs a day. Never once had I tried to quit....more