Roman Holiday

Rome is wonderful.  I love the monuments and the history.  It's crazy to think your in the center of where the Roman Empire began.  The Vatican will always be my favorite! ...more

April in Rome

In Rome, April truly kicks off the tourist season – especially with so many making their pilgrimage to Vatican City for Easter. This month, a whole host of events surrounding Pope John Paul II’s ‘Santo Subito’ Sainthood – on May 1st are planned. And, to make things easier, they’ve even devised a ‘Pope Pass’....more

Rise and Revolt - Catholic Women take on the Vatican

Any remarkable opinion or movement shared by women will be the first sign of revolution. - Emerson In recent years, we've grown used to seeing women in leadership positions in various protestant churches....more

SCOTUS Today: Kagan Hearings, Handgun Legislation, AZ Undocumented Workers Law, Gays in Campus Organizations and More!

The Supreme Court was front and center in today's news -- from a handgun decision to Congressional activity on the approval of Kagan as the next justice to anti-gay prejudice in a campus organization to an announcement that they will hear a case challenging a 2007 Arizona immigration law. The Court was just as provocative because of the issues they announced would not come before them. ...more

The cracks about Marshall got to me, and I could not help but wonder if the negativity would ...more

Catholic Nuns Go Rogue. . .you go girls!

When I was in 8th grade, during the later part of the 1960s all my favorite nuns started to leave the convent. When you’re 13 years old, you don’t really understand such life commitment or why they are broken. I just knew that I felt sad and would miss being taught by the “best and brightest” as I moved toward my High School years. I found that despite this exodus, my high school did in fact still have the younger crowd of nuns. This would not last though since as the years went by I continued ...more

Rome Investigating US nuns. Will they reinvent the past?

The Vatican, in what is seen as a move to potentially "crack down" on orders of nuns who may have evolved in ways not pleasing to Rome, has begun what is called "an apostolic visitation" of US nuns. This would be done, says Rome, "in order to safeguard and promote consecrated life". Many here feel it may be to reverse the modernization of nuns in America. ...more

Bennie and the Hets

Last week, a Portuguese Roman Catholic Bishop by the name of Manuel Clemente said something that we don't often hear from high-ranking Catholics. Speaking to journalists, he said that people with AIDS must use condoms to prevent the spread of the disease. Condoms are "not only recommendable," he said, "they can be ethically obligatory." ...more

Vatican says: Rapist Stepdad can come to church, but Mom and doctors who got 9 year old victim an abortion, NOT SO MUCH!


The Catholic Church can do whatever they want (obviously), but they are not God. God would not ...more

Vatican Releases List of New Sins, But Are They Clear On The Law of Attraction?


I love this idea of LoA Commandments... I think I shall make some of my own.  ...more

Italy's Abortion Law Under Attack

As I commented to my own blog entry (see The Ravages of Naples) regarding the outcry to the outrageous stampede of police officers into a hospital room in Naples where an entirely legal abortion was being performed, the reaction has been absolutely unprecedented. The LAW 194, passed in 1978, has been unequivocally supported by nearly every politician from the (very Cathollic) President on down the line. Women took to the streets, and the episode has been bantered about in salons across the boot. Of course, the only dissidents being those closest to the Church. ...more

So, the Vatican came out today & said that the Medical Doctor's Paper was fraudulent. The ...more