Today Is My Due Date, But It's Not My Story To Write

My son, these are your last few days on the inside....more

Giving birth after a c-section

Every so often, my husband and I discuss the possibility of baby #2. We’re not planning on having another any time soon, but it’s nice to at least have a general idea of what needs to happen before baby #2 can happen. (#1 on my list is making sure the kid we already have is potty trained, and we’re 6 months out from even attempting that.)...more

The Birth Plan: Vaginas, Bagels, and Bon Jovi

The clock is ticking folks, and about a week ago I realized that at some point a few months from now, I will be required to birth Baby #2.Shit....more

T Minus 2.. or 3... or 9

So, these last days leading up to the baby’s estimated due date have been quite the emotional whirlwind for me....more

The Quest for VBAC: Waiting for the Right Time

I feel completely cheated. But I also feel like it is my fault. At the same time, I feel like the fault lands on society, and its lack in educating future mothers. In November of last year, I had a Cesarean due to breech presentation of my son. My OB scheduled my c-section at thirty-nine weeks, and I asked, if it wasn't an emergency why schedule it early? Why not at 40 weeks? Why not wait to see if at the last minute the baby would natural turn himself around....more
My birth experience wasn't at all as I wished. I went into labor way to early, I had my son at ...more

I Want a VBAC, But I Don't Know if I Can...

Emmy’s birth was a far cry from the one I had imagined. In the days leading up to the projected date of my daughter’s birth, I daydreamed about what it was going to be like. I envisioned a semi-panicked ride to the hospital in the back seat of my husband’s car. I envisioned begging for ice chips and cold washcloths to cool my forehead, and singing very loudly through my contractions as they got closer and closer together. I envisioned groaning and moaning, and walking and squatting, and burning and possibly screaming....more
Oh, that's a hard situation to be in and I totally get what you are saying.  I read a bunch of ...more

Journey to Motherhood with Ricki Lake

  It was time for Jessica to make her appearance, at this point with my toddler attended to, I had been laboring with my husband’s support and it was him and I against the world.Side note: After having a horrific experience delivering my first son I knew I did not want to have a repeat of the same, so I fought to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)....more

I Got a C-Section, a Cane and the Title of Mommy

I had a birth plan. I had an iPod playlist, a hospital bag and a birth plan. Three days after his due date, he stopped moving inside me. They discovered my amniotic fluid level was low. Then they discovered he was presenting face first. I had a birth plan. I got a c-section. Involving a crazy amount of blood-loss and an extended, very painful recovery period. And...a perfect little boy....more
@workingmomfence hiya! Wish I could get to a NYC conf and come see you. You like drinking ...more

Why I’m Thankful That My First Birth Experience Sucked Royally

Originally posted November 2010 on my blog (

Thank you for your encouraging and kind words! more

Two really interesting birth-related articles

My facebook friends filter the news for me in such a useful way, I really wonder how I knew anything before facebook. Well, I suppose I just learned it all from NPR, facebook friends represent my niche interests a little better than the general radio does. Though NPR gets close, to be fair. At any rate, my feed today bubbled up two really interesting birth-related articles....more