Vegan / Vegetarian Pot Pie

When issued a challenge, I accept! A friend recently suggested that I should do pot pie (veg-style, of course) on my channel because it is the perfect winter dish. While it’s not been a terrible winter overall (unless you are on the East Coast of the U.S. and just survived that crazy blizzard), it’s still January. And ya know what, my friend was right. That, by its very nature, calls for some pot pie!Makes 6 Individual Pies...more

Type 2 Vegan

The Vegan FilesMy octogenarian mother is appalled at my strange eating habits, which is how she characterizes my vegan diet.  More times than I can count she has asked me why I feel I have to “do this.”“It can’t be for your health,” she’ll offer, a reference to the fact that I am obese and have been so since childhood.  The implication is that, if I wanted to improve my health, I’d lose weight, not go vegan....more

Eggplant and Me

The Vegan FilesMy mother told me a lot of stories when I was growing up.  Some made me roll my eyes with the morals they were meant to convey and others I just plain couldn’t believe.  But then there were some that I never got tired of hearing no matter how many times she repeated them.  Most of these had something to do with Yiddish words or with the intricacies of observance in the Jewish faith....more
Baked eggplant parm is a lot healthier than the more common fried kind. The baked variety can ...more

So I'm a Vegan. How Do I Explain This to a Teenager?

My teenaged niece has expressed interest in learning about the vegan lifestyle. As honored as I feel, I’m not sure I even knew that being a vegan is a lifestyle. Image via Shutterstock...more
J-MOM Thanks so much for saying that, J-Mom.  Most people don't even notice the chicken trucks. ...more

braised leeks and carrots with toasted crumb

 carrots with toasted crumbServes 4 Write a reviewSave RecipePrint ...more

Food Prep Tips for the Busy Vegan

Working a forty-hour week or always being on the run can easily take all the fun out of preparing a healthy meal in the kitchen at the end of the day. Below are some great tips to get you started in preparing meals partially ahead of time on the weekend to ensure your week goes smoothly. I usually dedicate a Sunday afternoon or Monday night (when there's likely nothing on our social calendar) to meal prep. Here are my favorite shortcuts: ...more

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Spiced Turmeric Tofu : GF & Vegan

Many of you know how much I love comfort food , it’s actually my favorite food group.  Why? Because comfort foods are extremely personal and vary from person to person....more

The Haircut

FRESNOMy father keeps telling me about how much he likes the work his barber does.  Now, Dad has very little hair left at this point, so it’s not as if I expected his barber to be a corn row connoisseur or a faux hawk aficionado.  But when he told me that his barber charges only four dollars (plus tip), I was sold.  I decided to put up with my sideburns for a couple of months in order to get my ears lowered both competently and cheaply when I headed south to visit my parents for Thanksgiving....more

Butternut Squash Veggieducken, Vegan & Gluten-free

Hello Friends,...more