Mouth Watering Ratatouille Recipe

Hello Sunshine! I hope you are well. I am ready for Spring here in Austin, TX. I love that we get a mixture of days though. One day it’s cold, the next it can be 70 degrees, sunny and beautiful....more

Mid Winter Cozy Chili

Saved by Hummus

While visiting my parents in California’s verdant Central Valley this past weekend, my mother griped about the fact that each of her three children have strange dietary habits and that I, in particular, am difficult to feed....more

Breakfast Smoothies

 Sometimes it can be a challenge trying to pack all your necessary nutrients in one day. That's the beauty of smoothies. There's no simpler way and these require very little effort....more

Cast Iron Pizza!

Pizza dough for the breadmaker 2 TBSP Active Dry Yeast3 1/2 C Flour1 tsp Granulated Sugar1 1/4 C Warm Water1/2 C Masa1 tsp Salt1/4 C Olive Oil1/4 Melted Butter (or vegan spread)Directions:1. Add all ingredients to breadmakers, and put on dough setting. After cycle is finished, dump dough on to floured surface and punch down.2. Split dough in to two equal parts, and let rise for 30 additional mintutes....more

Vegan Chocolate Nut Tarte Recipe

Delicious, healthy and vegan. And chocolate! What's not to like? Plus it's so very easy to make! See the full recipe here. See more healthy recipe ideas here....more

The scale says WHAT?! The scale says what?! Yes, that was me. In shock, complete utter shock.Typical scene, you know the one. The weigh in before you jump in the shower. Looking down at the scale half squinting my eye shut as I looked down to see what the horrible number was going to be again. It's the same old bad news everyday is what I was thinking....more
Hi! The rubberband trick is how I kept wearing my favorite jeans even though I could not fit in ...more

Smoked Tempeh and Spicy Carrot Wraps

I've had an overload of carrots lately. I don't really know how, we seem to go through them a lot but there's still a ton in the veggie drawer. I decided to make a batch of my spicy carrot spread to use a few of them up. It's not too spicy so there was a chance that the kids might have a few bites too. I was having a daydreaming type of day because as I was cooking the carrots, I realized that it was almost time to start getting dinner together. I could tell by the amount of whining I started to hear. Problem was, I had no dinner plan. ...more

Chickpea & Kale Asian Rice

Per usual, we have too many projects to do and not enough time. I don't know if it's the change of seasons that we are now feeling the rush of fall 'to-dos', but it's getting to be crazy! Also, with the change of seasons I find myself wanting to live in the kitchen. I am quickly realizing that I love fall foods. The harvest is bountiful. Everything seems to be ready to pick, eat and be made. My kale, I can't keep up with ... what a great problem, right? ...more

Moong sprout kachori

Crisp home made pastry shells stuffed with mildly spiced bean sprout filling...more