Cucumber and Cherry Tomato Salad

I definitely have the epitome of the garden of plenty this year. Just when I think I have picked all the vegetables that are ready to eat from my garden I get another glimpse of a bright red tomato or a freakishly huge zucchini or a fat little juicy cucumber ready to be picked....more

Nutty Chinese Green Beans

I love green beans! They are wonderful raw as a snack, steamed or fancied up like this peanut buttery dish.Green beans are a bit of a little power house as far as stringy little green veggies are concerned. They are low in fat, high in potassium, low net carbs and a decent amount of protein....more

Perfect Mango Salsa

Curried Veggie Noodle and Chickpea Salad

We had a Post Canada Day party on July 4th (yes, Happy 4th to our neighbours south of the border) this year as the weather was less than optimal on July 1 and we were also up north visiting my mom for her 70th birthday which was July 2 (Happy Birthday Mom!). Anyway, the weather on the 4th was spectacular! It was about 28 deg and the sun was out in full force. A perfect day for a pot luck BBQ/pool party....more

Coconut Curry Lentil Soup

Ok, so we have already established that I love curry and I love soups. This soup is just another addition to my “MUST MAKE THIS AGAIN!” list. It is bursting at the seams with flavour and it makes enough that you are guaranteed to have lunch the next day.I chose to use the green lentil as I find green lentils keep their firm texture even after cooking. If you prefer to have a thicker soup with a little less texture than use the red lentil....more

Miyoko's Cheese gets evaluated by a Cheesemonger, Is Vegan Cheese Good?

 Tasting Vegan “Cheese” with a Professional Cheese TasterJune 27, 2015Robin Asbell Unassigned ...more

Low Carb Vegan Tacos with Leek and Avocado

Our family LOVES tacos but the tortilla wraps are very high in carbs and fat. To avoid a family mutiny I served regular tacos and cheese to the family but made myself these lovely fresh and low carb tacos. They took no extra time to prepare but I did have to dirty another frying pan which in my opinion the extra clean up was well worth it....more

A Trick for Baking with Rhubarb, and Lovely Scones Made with Red Fife Flour

 June 20, 2015Robin AsbellBreads, Breakfast, Treats, ...more