Maple Ice Cream with Cinnamon Crisps

It was lunchtime and Gabe was asking for ice cream. ...more

Green Machine Brownies: Kale, Zucchini and Avocado!

I have had a lot of zucchini lately which is never a problem. However, I have also had a ton of kale! I decided to add the two together and instead of making normal zucchini browning, I would try take out some of the zucchini and fill add some kale too. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous about this venture but excited at the same time. ...more

Roasted Vegetable Coconut Quinoa Curry

Monday's are my quinoa or pasta nights. I usually feel like the house is in complete disarray from the weekend and I spend more time on getting the house back to normalcy and less time in the kitchen.. After the weekend I also really want a home cooked meal and usually a hearty one. Quinoa and pasta are it! Easy to do, quick, filling and totally enjoyable. It's not about working smarter, not harder! ...more

FREE Coconut Raspberry Ice Pops

No, I'm not giving away Coconut Raspberry Ice Pops. I call them "Free" Coconut Raspberry Ice Pops because they are gluten FREE, lactose FREE and completely vegan....more

Homemade Pizza Night


Audrey Kitching shoes collection by KerolD Milano! By @themorasmoothie

White Bean Caesar Salad

A good Caesar Salad is always a treat, yet when loaded with all of the oil and cheese the traditional recipe calls for, not the healthiest of fare.  This delicious vegan version is simple to prepare, while the white beans add a hearty dose of plant-based protein....more

Margherita Sandwiches (Vegan!)

Tomatoes are one of my favorite things to grow and eat.  I love how they look, how they smell, how they taste and how abundant they are in my part of the country.  I'd just mentioned to Dave that I'd be glad to get a "real" tomato once summer comes blazing in because whatever the things they have in the grocery stores down here in the winter, are not "real" tomatoes to a Southern girl.  And then I walked in the Fresh Market and they had some heirlooms sitting on the front counter and I may have made a tiny noise of excitement when I saw them based on the sweet greeters face.&...more

Low Carb Vegan Dessert - Rice Pudding

There is one thing that really helps when starting a raw lifestyle – Replicating dishes into a raw vegan versions. Today I tried a low carb version of rice pudding. You can eat rice raw once you have soaked it for a couple of hours, but who has time for that when a dessert is in need? Exactly. Here is an alternative option based on jicama. Jicama is a vegetable with high vitamin c levels and 0% fat. So far so good. It looks like this:...more

Wellness on the web: Vegan Yack Attack

Wellness on the Web is an ongoing interview series that showcases bloggers who focus on clean, unrefined, nourishing and naturally delicious food. This month, please welcome…...more