Vegan Big Mac

MsVegan.comEasy way to make VEGAN fast food at home! Recipe here!...more

Vegan Burger Patties for Meatless Monday

For your next Meatless Monday meal, put together these delicious Vegan Burger Patties. Whether it’s meat-free or not, this this burger ranks right at the top of my list. Filled with veggies and plant-based protein with a lightly crisp exterior and a moist interior that won’t fall apart on you, this one is a must try!...more

Vegan Cashew Oyster Burgers

Don't panic, vegan friends - I'm talking about oyster mushrooms here! Burger week at my house has turned up two real winners - the Walnut Burgers from Monday, and these fabulously fishy (but not too fishy) patties. These were great on grainy buns with the usual trimmings, but I also think they'd make lovely little appetizer-sized oyster cakes or sliders. ...more

Recipe Box Revival - and Walnut Burgers for Meatless Monday

Another Meatless Monday! Let's get this week started with some fun inspiration and something good to eat...  ...more

Meatless Monday - One Good Reason (To Go Vegan) #1

Since I'm meatless every day, I don't think much about Meatless Mondays, but I do want to encourage anyone who still eats meat to consider going without it just one day a week... for starters! I realize a lot of people don't have the time or interest to read entire books on the subject, or even to watch some of the really enlightening films on a vegan diet's effects on our health, animal welfare, and the health of the planet herself....more

Bean-Wah Burgers

I've been craving a good vegan burger lately, but the frozen ones always leave me, uh, cold, and all the recipes I've tried have been not-quite-right in one way or another. But last night Inspiration struck in the form of a bowl of leftover quinoa... ...more