Brown Bag It!

This week my mind was on lunches.  I hear all the time from people that they want more ideas for quick, healthy lunches.  This salad is very filling because it contains plenty of protein due to the quinoa.  I whipped this up in no time with just a few ingredients:...more

Who Wants to Learn Some Vegan Cooking?

I'm almost ready to start offering some fun vegan cooking classes, and I need to know who's interested! I'll start in Taos, and of course I'd encourage you to travel here to spend some time in my kitchen, and in our beautiful town. But I also want to travel to your kitchen, if you live in a fun place to visit. Wouldn't it be great to gather up a little group of your best pals for a day or evening of good vegan cooking and eating?...more

Lessons from Christina: Rethink Breakfast

Last Friday I packed aprons, towels, knives, spoons and several other favorite kitchen items — and running shoes — and caught an Amtrak to Philadelphia  ...more

Bean-Wah Burgers

I've been craving a good vegan burger lately, but the frozen ones always leave me, uh, cold, and all the recipes I've tried have been not-quite-right in one way or another. But last night Inspiration struck in the form of a bowl of leftover quinoa... ...more

Vegan Pie for Everyone! NaBloPieMo Meets Vegan MoFo

Happy Vegan Month of Food! Started by Post-Punk Kitchen (which has a fantastic vegan baking tutorial to get you started), Vegan MoFo asks participants to blog vegan every weekday. To celebrate -- and because I have eaten my body weight in butter already this month, and there's still 21 days of pie to go and, er, Thanksgiving -- a vegan pie-o-rama! ...more

I just use water, no boullion cubes, but ...more

Creole Madness

Creamy mushroom soup

My need for deeply warming comfort-food continues unabated, to the point where I am now dreaming about mushroom soup. I know that I must dream in tastes, because this one was so delicious that I positively *had* to make it the very next day. ...more

Give it a try!

I am vegan but tend not to label my recipes as such, so as not to make ...more

Hundreds of Bloggers Join the Celebration for Vegan Month of Food (VeganMoFo)

In a glorious celebration of all things vegan, October has once again been designated Vegan Month of Food or VeganMoFo. Inspired by National Blog Posting Month, VeganMoFo asks that bloggers commit to writing about vegan food on every weekday throughout of the month. ...more

I should have been more on top of things and posted this in time for more people to ...more

Vegan Kale Chips

I finally got hold of some Kale (would you believe I had to get a green grocer to order it in for me!?)  I’ve been wanting to try making Kale Chips since we did the 5 day vegan challenge.  I followed Meghans Instruction’s for crispy, crunchy, delicious kale chips.  ...more