Mini Vegan Meatloaves

We have family coming for Christmas, and of course I want to make a feast they'll remember - in a good way. These fine folks are all omnis on their own time, and they know they'll be fed vegan-style here. I don't know if they're dreading it in any way. I hope not. But my plan is to absolutely wow them with everything I cook. I decided to test two recipes last night, for sort of a preview feast. I actually considered making both of these for our Christmas dinner, but quickly realized I'd better narrow it down to one. The question was, which one?...more

Eating Vegan With Non-Vegan Friends

I've been thinking about putting together a class called something like, "A Vegan is Coming to Dinner. Help! What Do I Feed It?" I think there are lots of people out there who have new vegans in their lives, whether it's friends, or co-workers, or kids coming home from college. It can be confusing, I know. And I think a simple one or two day class could do a lot to fill in some of the blanks for people who are used to centering a meal around a piece of meat. ...more

Vegan Diner Dinner