Chewy Caramel Pecan Groaties

Cookies+ Oat Groats = Groaties. That makes sense right? If only math could be this simple…...more

How To Make Seitan From Flour

What is seitan?Seitan is a high-protein product made of wheat flour, used as a meat substitute. Tofu and Seitan are both very versatile when it comes to making meat-like dishes. While tofu has an egg-like texture, seitan’s consistency is chewy and more similar to meat... Step by step recipe (vegan, vegetarian)...more

Guest Blogger ~ Virginia Cunningham with Quick and Simple Vegan Desserts!

Quick And Simple Vegan Desserts Face it – your body craves a little sugar every now and then! Unfortunately, it can be difficult for a vegan to find desserts that are both tasty and vegan-friendly, as many cakes and cookies require dairy ingredients.  ...more

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Fig Vinegar

Yum, I love roasting brussel sprouts!!  I will have to try some of that fig vinegar.  Thanks for ...more

Balsamic-roasted cauliflower


Raw Red Velvet Cake Ice-Cream

It all started with this incredible Red Velvet Smoothie recipe from Keepin’ It Kind. I couldn’t stop gawking at the incredible photos or daydreaming about what it would taste like....more

Takin' it Slow and Easy: Review of No-Knead Bread Recipe

When we think about traditional bread making, we often imagine a baker spending considerable time carefully kneading and tending to the dough. They certainly did not just dump the ingredients in a bowl, quickly mix it, then forget about it for a day. Or, did they? ...more

Cajun-grilled and Blackened Tofu


Raw Chocolate-Banana Chia Pudding and Sugar-Free Week #1

  Hello beautiful Monday! This weekend went by so quickly but we enjoyed a nice stay in Holland for the weekend. Even though we had 2 sunny days, they were nippy and windy! Despite that we had this view:...more