Vegan Chocolate Matcha Bundt Cake

Are you tired of seeing bundt cakes? They are so many different types of recipes that I seem to not be able to escape them....more

Almond Quinoa Hot Cereal

Happy Thursday folks!...more

Chilled Cranberry-Cherry Soup

   Wow where has this week gone by? I realized I have not posted since Monday but then I also realized I have been busy. :-)...more

Rocky Road Bars

 Desserts are my favorite to make. I have to try really hard not to make too many decadent desserts in order not to have daily temptations but sometimes we just want something good besides a nice ripe banana. Ya know? ...more

Roasted Carrot Awesomeness: The Dip

Not sure if I should call this a dip or a spread.  All I know it is absolutely yummy!  Full of veggie goodness and with only a dash of oil, it’s low-fat too.  Trust me, the flavour will blow you away – the carrots become incredibly sweet and rich. Not what you would expect from a lowly carrot....more

Vegan Lasagna Soup

Zowie, winter is back and all I can think about is having nice hot stews and soups lately....more

Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti

February is upon us and I started thinking of yummy recipes I could make and just decided I should just start making some. Ryan and I are coffee drinkers. Besides having coffee with breakfast, I usually like it in the evenings with some kind of crunchy sweet item. I found myself surprised when I realized that one of my favorite crunchy cookies happen to be biscotti....more

Skinny Double Berry Truffle Brownie Bites

 Okay so everyone has been posting recipes for the Super bowl on Sunday and well I am sure everyone is overwhelmed with choices right? I am at least....more

Tri-Color Quinoa and Black Bean Burrito-in-a-Bowl

Ahhhh.We finally got home yesterday after a long weekend in Indiana celebrating our 3rd Christmas with Ryan's extended family....more

Vegan Guacamole Boca Burger and Creamy Zucchini Sandwich

Hi there! We've have lots going on this week. We are preparing for our THIRD weekend out of town. How do we do it, eh? This week has especially been rough. My Julianne has been going through a growth spurt and has been eating every hour and a half. Talk about being sore and tired!...more