Being Vegan Isn't Just About the Food

If you've been enjoying a vegan diet for a while, you're probably pretty well in tune with what foods are vegan, and which ones aren't. Most of the time it's fairly obvious, and we learn to spot the sneaky non-veg ingredients in things like mock cheeses and meats, packaged foods, and even wine and beer as we go along. Like I always say, it's all baby steps, and we're all on the Learn As You Go Plan, not only as vegans, but as Life Scholars. ...more

Eco Carnival!

Carnival can best be summed up as a celebration of life!  Its traditions are as varied as the places across the world that it is observed like in New Orleans, Rio, Trinidad and Tobago and Venice.  I found it quite interesting that Carnival, derived from phrases such as "putting away meat", and "farewell to flesh" and thus I thought it very appropriate to share beautiful animal-friendly and ethically designed shoes with you in this post. ...more