Garlicky White Bean Soup with Truffle Oil and Croutons


Smoky Bean Soup

A week with no blogging events feels a little empty after October's crazy-busy activity, but at least we have Meatless Monday. I'm going to be leaning more heavily into soups for a while. As the weather gets colder, and the days get shorter (or at least feel that way), there's nothing better than a comforting bowl of soup by the fire, is there? ...more

Black Bean Soup: Something Easy to do in the Snow and Cold

Black bean or any other kind of soup, there's nothing better in the winter than a big bowl of soup, right?  The Accidental Locavore loves soup, thick and chunky, however almost anything hot will do when the temperature drops. And while there are soups like French onion, that take a long time, there are a lot of great quick soups like this black bean soup, that will really hit the spot in no time....more