The Trouble with Vegans

Last week, a van parked at the end of our rural road and a pack of men in jackets and ties and women in high-collared, long sleeve dresses and sensible shoes, all of them carrying small black, leather satchels, poured out and began a door-to-door campaign of our neighborhood. By the time they reached the first few front doors, the phone brigade had begun pull down your shades, don’t answer your door the Jehovah’s Witnesses are in the ‘hood clutching their Watchtower magazines with pictures of children surrounded by peaceful lions and lambs....more
This is one of the best of your many wonderful pieces! Totally spot on.more

Paltrow & PETA: How do vegetarians draw the line?

In the ‘She-didn't-see-this-coming?' category, Gwyneth Paltrow was recently slammed by PETA for modeling fur in ads for Tod's, an Italian maker of fashion accessories. Paltrow, a proclaimed vegetarian, is known for her green, holistic lifestyle and close friendship with staunch animal-rights designer, Stella McCartney, yet she is fronting the autumn collection of fur-lined boots and bags for Tod's. Tricky, no? As an aspiring vegetarian, I'm befuddled. Can V-Folks have it both ways? ...more

I went to a 'county fair' in 1976.  These 4H kids were showing their animals (I thought ...more