Wine 101: An interview with Winemaker Greg Kitchens of Don Sebastiani & Sons

BLOG NOTE:  My regular readers and Twitter friends know that for the past 14 days I have been following a cleanse protocol.  The cleanse ends today (you can read all about it on my Facebook page) and I couldn’t think of a better way to end my cleanse: a blog post on wine today and enjoying a glass of wine tonight!  Enjoy!...more

Vegan Wine: Interview with Winemaker Michael Cox, Schug Carneros Estate

Recently I posted about vegan wine, which was a new concept to me as a newbie vegan.  I started a small list of vegan wines that I have sampled (I promise to start logging tasting notes soon!) While searching Barnivore for vegan wines I came across a Schug Carneros Estate Pinot Noir. ...more