Las Vegas Beyond The Strip

  Recently, my husband and I took a road trip to Las Vegas. But we didn't spend much time on the (in)famous Strip, where the supersized casino-resort properties are clustered.Instead, we played retro arcade games, found some art, explored the desert, and ate some really good food....more

So long #NCA15

Sitting at McCarran Airport, trying to ignore the slot machine lights whirling, swirling, and blinking in my periphery, I’m pretty sure that four and a half days in Vegas is three and a half days too many....more

Pretending I don't hate the #NCA15 conference hotel

While waiting 30 minutes in line for coffee this morning (yes, seriously. And yes, it was worth it to prevent a headache), I got to thinking about the pros and cons of having a large communication conference in a small, old casino....more

What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas

At least when it comes to the gelato I sampled this evening.First full day at the National Communication Association convention in Vegas. Enjoyed a damn fine private pre-conference with my dear friend Amy Way. We worked on presentations, scouted grants and continued our plots to take over the world. There was even “running,” cheap Thai, and an outrageously decadent dinner.Vegas isn’t my favorite conference location (my lungs may never forgive me), but we’re making the most of it....more

How To Survive Your Husbands Trip To Vegas

So your husband is going to Las Vegas. How wonderful for him. {Did that come across as sarcastic? Because that's what I was going for - sarcasm - which I will deal with promptly in point #1 so please don't hold it against me!} I slept alone last week as the Vegas strip was blessed with the footsteps of my other half. He flew down to join his friends who were competing in a pool tournament....more

A Wedding Story Part Two

Getting Ready for the WeddingAfter setting up the venue I went to my parents house to get ready. The same house I grew up in I was now getting ready to marry the man I love. My mom made me a sandwich and poured me a glass of champagne. The champagne glass was etched with the initial W for Wilson, this was to symbolize my last day with that name....more

What Women Want in Vegas

It feels like Groundhog day.  Yesterday I spent the day picking up after all my kids and my husband.  Last night, I went to bed and woke up to the exact same messy house I was in a day earlier. I need a trip. Vegas? Vegas. I don't need an affair or a penis.  I just want to be with girls (oh, uh, women now) who understand my daily 'Ugh" moments.  So I emailed 4 of them the following: I need a weekend away with girls to do the following: 1) Sit by a pool and not have to get anyone anyt...more
I'm sorry you got that response. So many women seem "unable" to go away, anywhere, without their ...more

Ep 36: Kim & Friends Live from Las Vegas

How else can I describe this episode of Running & Other Stuff but to say we cover a lot of topics. This show was recorded on the Friday and Saturday prior to the Strip At Night events and we pick up more guests as we go along. Marco Polo at the airport, Fremont St., hotel choices, loops at the airport, charging our cell phones, who texts who first, licorice, Circus Circus has a lot of lights on it, there’s a clown show (they missed it though), and what it says on the back of the Welcome to Vegas sign....more

Missing my prince

My husband is gone for a whole week.  He’s in Vegas for a mandatory training for work…. kinda ironic that it is in Vegas I think. ...more