Looking for my green thumb

My mom has a green thumb. I remember her garden in our first house where the watermelons were half the size of my body (granted, I was four at the time). And I remember when we lived at the second house and she grew sunflowers that I couldn't reach the tops of. Even today, she grows vegetables in her home garden and has her grandchildren help tend them whenever they visit her....more

Bhindi Fry / Okra Fry / Simple and Quick Bhindi Masala Recipe

Bhindi fry/ Bhindi Masala is quick and easy side dish and can be easily made in jiffy.  Bhindi / Okra / Lady Finger can be prepared in various ways but I like this Bhindi fry recipe as its tasty as well as very quick to make, it goes well with Roti / Fulka /  Poori and a great side dish for Dal Fry and Jeera Rice / Cumin Rice meal....more

Stir-fried Threadfin With Celery

Given the many varieties of vegetables  (celery, cabbage, spinach etc) and fish (threadfin, mackerel, batam fish etc), it is actually not difficult to cook up a dish of stir-fry with fish and vegetables, given the many combinations available. What one needs, of course, would be the freshest fish on offer in the market and the rest would be easy....more

Another Mama’s Recipe – Sambal Long Bean

It’s another simple dish, on another simple day, after another mad round of unbelievably intense marking. I believe I use the same method to cook almost all kinds of vegetables – kang kong and… – let’s keep it to vegetable (Sing.). Maybe I don’t cook that many types of vegetables after all. How many different kinds are there anyway?...more

Simply Stir-Fried Cantonese Vegetable Lo Mein (搂面)

Just wanted to finish up that pack of egg noodles in the kitchen cabinet, so that I can proceed to buy new things for the lunar new year!Read more from 'Simply Stir-Fried Cantonese Vegetable Lo Mein (搂面)'....more

Butternut Vegetable Chicken Soup

This soup will not only bless the socks off your taste buds, but will nourish your body beautifully on a cold, winter day. I eat this for breakfast, too!...more

Rosemary Skillet Potatoes

 For Recipe Please Visit: CookingLifeToTheFullest...more

Broccoli Slaw Pasta

I was looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner that was healthy, but made me feel like I wasn’t necessarily eating healthy. I love pasta, and how can you make that healthy? This recipe, that’s how. It’s just a couple ingredients and takes a few minutes to make. You feel like you’re eating pasta without the heavy high carb sluggish feeling after. Perfect for summer! (And your swimsuit will thank you ;) )...more

Skinny and Kid-Friendly Cauliflower Tots

Skinny Cauliflower TotsRecipe from The Table...more