Part-Time Gardening

      It is Memorial Day weekend, the first holiday weekend of Summer! How are you spending your weekend? Are you a weekend garden warrior - even on a holiday weekend? Starting a new project on your patio? On your deck? Or in your backyard? Are you cultivating a flower, herb, or vegetable garden?...more

A Bowl of Soup You Can't Have: AROMA CUCINA

A Bowl of Soup You Can't Have: AROMA CUCINA Early Spring greens foraged in the morning by Moreno and liquefied in a bowl by one of the world's great chefs: Moreno's wife Giuliana of Locanda Gambero Rosso.  This place is heaven on earth (go into our archives and find our other posts on this extraordinary trattoria). And, it's planting time for the orto.  Primavera arriva! Finalmente!...more

How to Feed Your Family Nutritious Vegetables

God created our bodies to need lots and lots of fruits and veggies. The average American gets two and a half servings total of fruits and vegetables a day, but we should be eating five. Even worse, most Americans get their daily intake from nutritionally depleted fruits and vegetables. "What?!?!" you say. "Well, I'm fine...I buy fresh fruits and veggies. No cans and frozen stuff in my house." Nope...sorry, still depleted. ...more
 @charlehesel  Thank you, thank you!!!  I am so excited for the opportunity to post here on ...more

squashily, yours

The squash leaves are changing to yellow...more

Kitchen Garden Lunch: Spaghetti Ortolana - AROMA CUCINA

AROMA CUCINA taste of summer. Let your garden feed your hunger. Our orto is producing and we there4 eat of its bounty. Here's a recipe that screams summer freshness with every bite. ...more

Top Ten Things I Love About Fall & My Garden Grew!

We've spotted the first signs of fall at our house.  Some of my favorite things of fall are; * harvesting our vegetable garden * the changing of the leaves * the crisp cool air while being sunny at the same time * the promise of a crackling fire soon to come * baking ...more

Mary, Mary, Quite COntrary

Mary, Mary quite contrary How does your garden grow? With crooked rows And broken hoes And alphabetized herbs refusing to show. ...Continue  Lanita Moss A Mother's HoodBirth by Paperwork...more

Grow spiritually (with tomatoes, cabbage and petunias as a benefit)

When I lived in NYC, I realized one day that I had gone months without having my feet touch anything except asphalt, wood and carpet. No earth. No connectedness. Now, I love getting my hands in the dirt. But it wasn't always that way. It took me a while to understand what gardening really was. I used to think it was just about plants. Silly me. ...more

A good workout -- absolutely -- it stretches the body and the mind and spirit. I laughed when I ...more