Organizing Garden Seeds: A Noble Cause

Some people think I'm really organized. Maybe you think so, too. If I've convinced you of this, then perhaps I really did learn something during my corporate sales career. The truth is that I waste lots of time looking for things that should have a place by now, I forget anniversaries and birthdays, and I sometimes feel like I barely transcend the chaos around me....more

The Belated Blogoversary Botanical Interests Giveaway

Botanical Interests in Colorado was one of the sponsors of our 6th Garden Bloggers Fling (San Francisco, July, 2013). Four years ago I did a primer on growing vegetables for GalTime, using the info on the Botanical Interests seed packets, and got to do a give-away with their seeds....more
I love eating sprouts! I'm peeved because they stopped selling them at my local grocery store.more